Fast Growth Strategies Should Focus on Megatrends

One of the most important differences between ordinary entrepreneurs and tycoons is what they focus on. The former tend to concentrate on niche opportunities while the latter often look for a megatrend to jump on.  To get you started thinking more like a tycoon take a look at these two articles on megatrends and ask yourself how you might capitalize on them.

To make this approach work better for you think of industries as eco-systems. This is recommended because eco-systems tend to be complex with hundreds, if not thousands, of different types of participants. Some will have high capital requirements for entry. Others will have high hustle requirements. You should be able to find a way to latch on no matter what your financial situation is. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

Six megatrends that will affect you in 2012

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THE GLOBAL 20: The Big Trends That Are Changing The World


An example of a megatrend map.
Mega Trends Map

Mega Trends Map

One Response to Growth Strategies: Jump on Megatrends

  • Hi

    We believe we have a mega trend Idea right now just need some help on getting our product out there using channel partners on a commission basis around the world, what advise would you give if you had an innovative new product and you wanted to dominate the market quick.

    I am looking for white label partners in many country’s to sell and promote our digital menu,s.

    Thanks For Reading

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