The Men Who Built America Course

The excellent new series from the History Channel has generated a lot of interest in The Tycoon Playbook. I started working on the Playbook back in late 2007 with the intention of creating a 400 to 500 page manual on how to buy small businesses. I then quickly decided to make it more interesting by adding in actionable tactics and strategies from the self-made tycoons of the past 160 or so years. This swelled up the course to almost  900 pages of actionable details.

The Men Who Built America

The Men Who Built America

Tycoons are worth studying for two important reasons. First, they are real life Terminators in that nothing stops. Second, they have a genius for getting deals done even when cash is scarce. Most people have one financing trick that they rely on exclusively. It’s called the “I Pray Some Kind Stranger Solves All My Problems By Giving Me Money.” Tycoons on the other hand are magicians at coming up with creative solutions to finance almost any deal they are committed to getting done.

You can learn a great deal from them that can be put into your own business practices immediately.

For more info on how tycoons grow their businesses, click here.

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