Captain Courageous aka Ted Turner

Controversy has always followed Ted Turner. People either hate him or love. Personally, I have been a fan ever since he won The America’s Cup back in the 1970s. He epitomizes what a billionaire should be in my humble opinion.

He took advantage of the time away from his baseball team by entering the 1977 America’s Cup race. In a dramatic series of contests in mild weather, his outdated yacht Courageous defeated its competition with clever, bold tacking to win the right to defend the America’s Cup against the world’s challenger. In somewhat less calm weather, Turner and a crew comprising veterans in their fifties and young men won the America’s Cup. Turner was too drunk to stand up during the victory celebration and was remembered for falling from his seat to the floor during presentations of the competition’s awards. (Source)

To be clear it wasn’t so much the victory as it was his post-race celebratory style that won my admiration. (Hey, did I mention that I was still in high school at that point?)

This subject of this interview with author Harold Evans is innovators but it focuses on Turner for obvious reasons.

Warning: The video ended abruptly for me twice so make sure that you see it in its entirety. It’s 27:27 minutes in length. The timer in the lower left can get stuck on 10:00in Firefox for some odd reason.

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