Marcus Lemonis, the master of small business growth strategies, is back tonight with the third season of his hit show The Profit.

More good news from Sweet Pete’s:

Marcus Lemonis agrees to buy two Downtown buildings to help ease space crunch for Sweet Pete’s

By Marilyn Young, Editor

It didn’t take long for the owners of Sweet Pete’s to know they were in a tight spot, but in a good way.

Co-owner Allison Behringer said the candy retailer was doubling revenue projections almost immediately after opening in December.

By the time first-quarter results came in, it became clear the business had outgrown the building at 400 N. Hogan St., a space it shares with The Candy Apple Cafe & Cocktails restaurant.

“We are far exceeding what we thought we could do,” Behringer said Saturday.

They needed more space for candy- making classes, private events and retail sales. The extra space also would keep the two businesses from being “so on top of each other.”

That’s where having a partner like Marcus Lemonis comes in handy.

The CEO of Camping World and star of CNBC’s “The Profit” has verbal agreements to buy the buildings at 424 and 502 N. Hogan St. to accommodate the growing business.

He also plans to purchase the parking lot between Sweet Pete’s and 424 N. Hogan St. and will fund the renovations, according to a news release. (source)

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