Special Insider Look at Entrepreneurial M&A

I have a question for you.

Have you been thinking about using strategies that would enable faster growth?

Then take this mini-version of The Tycoon Playbook course.

It’s an insider overview of what’s involved with using the classic billionaire strategy, the biggest hurdles you will face, along with solid advice on how to succeed as a deal-maker. This is the perfect item for the entrepreneur or consultant curious about accelerating growth.

The decision to invest the time to learn how to use billionaire strategies for growth is a major one. For those trying to decide which way to go, this new report looks at what’s involved. It will not only provide you with an understanding of why it makes sense to go this route, but the hurdles as well to getting started and succeeding.

By the end of it, you will have a good feel for whether or not you’re suited to using this as your primary or secondary growth strategy.

Let your decision be an educated one.

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4 Responses to Your First 100 Million: Are You Up For It?

  • You really should double the price on this one. The financing section is worth $100 alone.

  • Is this the same as Dan Pena “Your First 100 million” book or do they just share the title?

    Very interested in the material.

    • This is different in that it’s much more detailed especially when it comes to financing acquisitions. I like to call it the graduate course for Pena grads. Dan just tells you to go get a bank loan.

    • No, this is a course on buying, fixing up, and reselling businesses. It’s full stack.

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