An Opportunity for Consultants to Expand Their Practice and Client Base

If you’re a consultant would you like to expand your expertise and increase your client base?

Would you like to be able to show clients how they can double or even triple their revenues in a year by utilizing small scale acquisitions?

Occasionally, I will be asked if someone can use The Tycoon Playbook to make money without actually buying businesses. Not everyone wants to manage a business after all. The answer is actually a yes. It is possible to do so.

Let’s look at a number of ways to make money with the Playbook without buying a business.

Additional Consulting Fees


If you work as a management consultant the knowledge provided by the course can be added to your consulting tool-kit. Most business clients are always thinking about how they can grow bigger and more profitable.  It’s a very competitive world out there, after all. What they rarely consider as an option is doing small scale M&A. This is because few people understand when to use it or how it works. Now, if they have a trusted consultant who broaches the subject and demonstrates that he can guide them through the process of doubling their sales on closing day, they begin to feel more comfortable with the idea. The change in mindset doesn’t happen instantly. Rather it occurs over a serious of conversations.

The reason this can work out well is because consultants already have the network of contacts in place that a new business buyer will have to build from scratch. In order for a consultant to survive he needs to know many people in the industry. Moreover, he needs to know what’s going on inside each company. Which ones are in trouble? Which owner is thinking about exiting or retiring?

Of course the consultant also needs to understand M&A and that’s precisely what the Playbook does for him. Having this expertise will raise his status over other consultants.


This is for hustlers who love to network, schmooze, and sell. We are talking about high energy “people persons.” It involves finding out who is looking for acquisitions, which is basically everyone except mom & pop shops, and then contacting their M&A people to obtain a copy of their acquisition criteria. Once you have a rough idea of what they are looking for the next step is to search for potential targets. The trick here is to understand that most completed acquisitions rarely match the original acquisition criteria simply because even veteran M&A people don’t know what a great opportunity is until they see. So the professional uses the acquisition criteria as simply a rough guide.

Once you have completed the course you will understand how to find targets and which ones make sense to present to a buyer.

When I was at university there was a legendary alum who had graduated about six years earlier. About two years after completing his degree he went into business for himself serving as a go-between Japanese companies seeking acquisitions in the USA and potential American targets. (This was in the late 1980s.) Within a couple of years he owned his own home in one of the most upscale zip codes and had two Italian super cars in the garage. All his money came from finders fees for putting together buyers and sellers.

To sum up, yes you can use the expertise gained from the course to make money even if you are not ready to buy and run a business.

Check out the contents of the six week course.

You can find more detail by reading the pages from left to right along the blue navihation menu just below the header image.

Startup Consultants

Another option is to begin with our How to Finance Anything Package found on the front page here. It includes both the Guerrilla Startup Guide and How Deal-makers Close Deals. Click here for the 2Fer Special.

3 Responses to How to Earn More Fees as a Consultant.

  • What timing……I’m actually in the process of ramping up the ‘Finder’ business. In talking to firms that are looking for deals, I’ve found it easier to work with firms that have somewhat of a general criteria and are open to multiple industries, they seem more open and broad in the deals. I’ve found firms that are looking for super niche specific deals are hardest to work with. Mainly because the more specific and niche, the fewer opportunities.

    To whom ever is reading this comment, make no mistake, this is nothing but hardcore Hustling. Did Did you say separate the talkers from the does? This will do it. The flip side of it is, the Fees are what I call “pay cash for a house” fees. Happy Hustling!!

  • Which of the start-up ones is on revenue based funding?

    • How Deal-makers Close Deals explains how to structure deals for capital raising. It incorporates revenue royalty certificates. The GSG focusses mostly on startup financing tactics such as getting customers/clients to finance your startup, expansion, product launch.

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