How to Get the Money to Buy Your Dream Business

Get the money you need to buy your dream business.

A few years ago, I added a number of learning modules to the main course on how to apply for funding from investors, bankers, and specialty lenders so that you get the money needed to do your first deal.  For every obstacle, problem, or weakness keeping you from raising the capital you need, there is a solution or workaround as the modules reveal. This weekend I release the 2018 updated version which incorporates feedback and tips from our grads.  If after following this system you still can’t get financing, your only hope is divine intervention, to put it bluntly.

Here are the details of the extras I added a few years ago:

In addition to the 12 learning modules (987 pages) which comprise the basic course, this option includes the following extras:

  • The surefire Tycoon Playbook system for maximizing your odds of raising financing from lenders and investors,
  • How to maximize cashflow post-acquisition,
  • Workbook to help you develop a start plan,
  • Due diligence master checklist,
  • Template for a purchase agreement that can save you thousands in legal fees,
  • Over 230 questions in a series of interactive quizzes for each module. These quizzes test your understanding of the material as well as help to ensure that your brain is rewired to think like a tycoon.

If you initially enrolled in the cheapest plan, it’s highly recommended that you upgrade to the Silver as soon as possible so that you benefit fully.

Upgrade price just $299.95  (Available only to Tycoon Playbook gards.)

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