The act of writing a new report on how billionaires create value reminded me of this brilliantly written scene from the first season of HBO’s Silicon Valley.

In the module on value creation in The Tycoon Playbook, I call this the Visionary Approach to creating wealth.  It’s not a transferable skill unfortunately. So the Playbook focuses on building systems that create incremental improvements in acquired businesses.  While this is a scene from a comedy have no doubt that fortunes have been made by people whose minds work like this. 

Pay close attention to the relationship between sesame seeds and cicadas.

Tragically, the young actor who played Peter Gregory died right after HBO completed shooting the first season.

2 Responses to How Billionaires Think

  • That was a blast. Had to watch it twice to connect all the dots. I’ll check the show out.

    • The first two seasons were strong then by the third it felt as if the writing team’s only goal was to keep stretching it out to milk it for $.

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