Discovery’s new show ‘Undercover Billionaire’ will have Glenn Stearns explain what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur when the cards are stacked against you

Self-made man Glenn Stearns will talk about his humble beginnings and how he believes anybody can be successful despite all the adversities that life throws along the way .

The new Discovery reality show/social experiment ‘Undercover Billionaire’ will follow Stearns as he tries to build a million-dollar company from scratch in just 90 days!

While you might think that setting up a million-dollar company for a billionaire will be a cakewalk, to make things more interesting and relatable, Glenn must set up this company in a place chosen by the Discovery crew without using any of his business contacts or existing capital.

The challenge — he must build the business with nothing other than $100 in his pocket. In case Glenn pulls this off, then the top-performing team members will earn a stake in the company and a key role running it. An independent financial evaluator will also assess the value of the new company to see whether it has hit the mark. If it’s a penny short of $1 million, Glenn will put $1 million of his own money into the business.

When you look up Glenn’s background, it’s easy to realize that this man had anything but an easy start. He grew up in an alcoholic family, failed his fourth grade, and fathered a child at the age of 14! All the cards were stacked up against him and he still found a way to turn things around.


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