Earnings Arbitrage for Entrepreneurs

Arbitrage: the practice of buying something in one place and selling it (almost) immediately in another place where it’s worth more.

My initial introduction to the arbitrage game came while I was working my way through college. I was fortunate enough to land a high paying job as a floor trader for a boutique investment firm. During lulls in trading activity you could do two things: play practical jokes on the other traders or find ways to make some more money. I opted for the latter and began buying stocks up that could be instantly resold on a different stock exchange for a profit. The money was not so much in the tight spreads as in the volume. If you did enough arb trades each and every day you could make a good income. Sadly I had to give the job up eventually because its hours only allowed me to take late afternoon and evening classes. If I was going to complete my degree within an acceptable time frame the mornings and early afternoons had to be freed up.

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