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Sean Parker Interview

Sean Parker talks with Jimmy Fallon about his road to tycoon status. While Sean hasn’t used acquisitions as his wealth strategy it’s still interesting to hear about how he thinks and reacts to opportunities.  Not too long ago, after the Napster fiasco, he was so broke that he was sleeping on friend’s sofas and mowing their lawns as payment. Continue reading

Sean Parker: Agent Of Disruption

I have had a chance to do anything more than scan this article from Forbes by it looks to be a great read if you are into tycoon strategies. Tycoons tend to be disruptors as I show in the Tycoon Playbook. To be a disruptor you need to have the courage to take on vested interests and the powerful. You’re going to make some enemies. Sean has certainly made some enemies along the way most notably in the music industry but he’s also worth $2.1 billion today.  That’s a good trade off in my book. Continue reading

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