Tycoon Playbook FAQ

Please Take a Minute to Read the Following Before Enrolling

Nothing breeds success like success. Sales of The Tycoon Playbook finally took off through word-of-mouth promotion in 2012. However, there’s been a downside to this. The success has attracted inexperienced people who misinterpret the course. They mistakenly assume that this is promising to make them a tycoon or billionaire. Even worse, they assume that it’s a no-money-down how to buy a business course.

So let’s get clear on what the Playbook is really about. Think of it this way. Every great story, including the ones about how fortunes are made, has three parts: a beginning, a middle, and an end. The Playbook focuses in on the first part. It explores and analyzes how tycoons started out acquiring cash flow producing assets.

It also helps to think of most industries as being three-level pyramids. At the top are giant Fortune 500 Companies; below that are large middle-market companies; and finally at the bottom you have a target rich environment of many thousands of small companies. The Playbook focuses exclusively on the entry tier.

What if anything does the Playbook have to offer someone without a track record of offline success or only online success? Nothing. While I hate to lose a sale, I also don’t want people enrolling who won’t be able to quickly see how they can apply its lessons.

If you are already managing a small offline business (with a website) you will be able to start putting the strategies and tactics into practice immediately. If you aren’t most of the material will be over your head.

Please Read If You Have Pricing Issues

If even the rock bottom-priced Bronze Plan is a financial stretch for you, please don’t enroll. I say this because the enrollment fee will be by far the smallest sum you will ever encounter using these strategies. It truly does take money to make money, as the old saying goes. Instead consider building a business first so that you will eventually have the capital to go this route.

On the other hand, if your real hurdle is psychological (i.e., fear-based) rather than financial, it’s an even worse sign. Most people simply don’t have what it takes to “pull the trigger” on a deal. They will first waste months on looking for a business, talking to the seller, and then freeze up at the last moment. If fear alone is stopping you from enrolling rest assured that you most likely don’t have the temperament for deal-making which will involve putting much larger sums on the line eventually.

A man’s got to know his limitations. – Dirty Harry, Magnum Force

If you’re one of these people I hope that you grasp that you take yourself out of the game before it even starts.  This does not bode well for you.  Work on it.

Will These Business Growth Strategies Make Me Into a Billionaire?

This is a serious course on how to boost your business’s growth rate using more advanced growth strategies. The target user is someone already running a successful business or who has run one in the past. It has little to offer anyone seeking a get-rich-quick scheme.

The far better question to ask is “Will my business, my family, my employees, and I all benefit if I adopt some proven strategies from the best of the best and up my game?” The answer is clearly a yes. If you just apply one or two lessons it will mean at least a 100X return on the investment.

I Don’t Know If I Have What it Takes to Put These Strategies or “Plays” Into Practice.

The Tycoon Playbook reveals the basic time-proven business growth strategies employed by self-made billionaires and tycoons in an actionable way. Think of it as providing you with a cookie-cutter approach for creating value. My suggestion is to start moving forward one step at a time with it.

Whether you believe you can do a thing or can’t, you’re right. – Henry Ford

Who dares, wins. – SAS regimental motto

People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves, they have the first secret of success.

— Norman Vincent Peale

Can These Growth Strategies Be Applied to Any Industry?

Yes, however those who realize the biggest returns tend to be found in fast growth businesses. Keep in mind that the price of admission to some industries will be far higher than it is for others in terms of equity requirements.

The Playbook’s objective is to get you into this lucrative game with do-able deals initially. This means focusing on smaller deals that will allow you to leverage debt rather than equity. To do this the target companies need to have real assets. In other words, the Playbook is not about buying up websites because they rarely have any tangible assets to borrow against. Rather it’s about buying real brick & mortar businesses at least initially. Once you have a serious war chest accumulated, you can venture off in whichever direction interests you–including strictly online businesses.

Isn’t M&A a Risky Complex Strategy?

The answer is yes for the big M&A deals. Cultural clashes tend to be the big killers. However, the Playbook is focused on how small business can grow faster with acquisitions of other small businesses. In many cases, these acquisitions will continue on as basically standalone enterprises reporting daily or weekly to the new owner. This then pretty much eliminates most of cultural problems that kill so many mergers between large corporate entities.

What Size of Deals Are We Talking About?

As the old saying goes, you need to learn how to walk before you can run. This means starting off with small do-able acquisitions. However, you will not be limited to acquiring small companies forever. Once you have achieved a critical mass with a number of smaller acquisitions, you will be able to move up the industry pyramid to bigger deals, if you choose to do so. Empires can be built and fortunes accumulated by sticking with small deals.

Think of it this way, before you can play in the NFL, you will have to play some high school and college football. This holds true for business as well–unless, of course, your daddy was Fred Trump. Few mortals have the good fortune to start off the way The Donald did back in the 1970s as a result of his father’s success.

The Tycoon Playbook uses a realistic approach based on starting at the bottom and working your way up the pyramid as far as you want to go.

How Long is the Course?

The top option is almost 1000 pages long and broken up into twelve learning lessons delivered over six weeks. The modules are made available for weekend study. The course simply contains too much information to dump on you all at once and expect a decent retention level. Spreading the course over six weeks gives you time to properly digest each set of lessons and, thereby, rewire your brain to operate more like that of a tycoon’s.

Be sure to read the Is This Growth Strategy For You? section as well.

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