The Tycoon Growth Strategy

All stories about how great fortunes are built are interesting, but the very best ones have a guy who starts out with a small grubstake and through serial wheeling and dealing parlays it into an empire. – Peter Ireland

There are two basic ways to reach and surpass the $100 million milestone. One way is to focus on building a single entity. This route has become the more high profile one in the Internet Age, thanks primarily to a narcissistic online media that only recognizes its own, and typically requires a brilliant technician for a founder. This is the geek path. The other is the traditional one used by self-made tycoons and billionaires which involves honing one’s deal-making skills to aggregate cashflow producing assets. This is the poker player path.

Geeks Versus Poker Players

The Tycoon Playbook reverse-engineers the poker player path because the key skills can be taught and it’s systems based. No technical genius required. Instead it relies on horse-trading sense and a cookie-cutter system to ramp up the deal flow. Even geeks adopt this strategy when they are finally able to afford the acquisitions specialists.

Who Should Enroll in The Tycoon Playbook Course?

These are the people who take the course:


-business owners,

-executives and managers,

-turnaround specialists,

-small business investors,

-management consultants, accountants, SMB advisers, or

-deal-makers who love to put deals together while having others manage their acquisitions,

-up and coming captains of industry.

If you are successful and looking for a more aggressive palette of growth strategies and tactics, the Playbook is something you should seriously consider investing in. This systems-based approach is for the person committed to building something substantial for themselves, their families, legacies, and communities.

Acquire the Two Most Valuable Skills in Business

The Playbook was created for people who are already running a successful small business and wish to ramp up their growth. Specifically, the Playbook teaches proven high performance business-people the two most highly rewarded skills in business, namely:

1. deal-making and

2. how to acquire cash flow producing business assets.

Take a moment to ask yourself how your prospects would improve if you learned these high value skills from the Gold Medal Champions of Business over the next few weeks.

Life rewards those who invest in improving their game while punishing those who don’t.

Why Enroll?

An entrepreneur who doesn’t know how to use acquisitions for growth is like a boxer who goes into the ring with one arm tied behind his back. – Peter Ireland

There are three huge reasons why smart business owners and entrepreneurs are enrolling in The Tycoon Playbook course on deal-making and accelerated growth strategies.

James Ling the Merger King

1. Savvy entrepreneurs recognize that deal-making and acquisition skills enable you to enter a lucrative field that the average person simply assumes is shut to outsiders. The truth is that insiders want outsiders to think that you need a Harvard MBA and Wall Street background to qualify for membership. The Tycoon Playbook course opens the doors to this field for anyone willing to make an investment in themselves.

2. We are living in the most competitive period in human history and it’s only going to get worse. No longer is the competition purely domestic and operating from 8 to 5 PM. Today it’s increasingly global and operating round-the-clock 365 days per year. To have a shot at prospering you need to become a fiercer competitor. This calls for improving your game. The Playbook shows you how to leave the competition in the dust.

3. Something like 80% of all small businesses never find a buyer at selling time and have to be shuttered by their owner. Try to imagine the shock of discovering that no one wants to buy your business when you decide to get out or retire. It’s devastating both emotionally and financially. To have something sale-able later, you need to start building it today. The Playbook shows you how to do precisely that.

The Playbook’s advanced business growth strategies will show you not only how to dominate the competition, but how to build an asset that will attract deep-pocketed buyers when you decide that it’s time to exit.

Rewire Your Brain for Two Reasons

1. This is your opportunity to master how the game of capitalism is played at the topmost level.

2. Equally importantly, as one graduate put it, it will “rewire your brain” to think like a tycoon. You will then begin to see opportunities that are invisible to others. You will also know how to capitalize on them.

The Billionaire Growth Strategies Course

Whether you’re interested in just buying a few businesses or going for the $100 million milestone and beyond, the Tycoon Playbook is a superb investment in yourself. It will shave 10 years off your learning curve as well as help you enter the tycoon game punching well above your weight class. – Myles Wingard

Need a Bit More Info on the Course?

If you just stumbled across this site while searching for faster and better ways to grow your business, discover how to use the most common billionaire growth strategy.

Before you can attempt something truly great, you will need the courage.
Before you can have the courage, you will need the knowledge.

Are You Looking for a New and More Advanced Way to Grow Your Business?

Whether you’re a proven entrepreneur looking for new ways to grow an existing business or an entirely new career further up the industry food chain, read on.

Are You Up for a New Challenge?

Mention acquisitions and 95% of people immediately conclude that it’s too complex for them. If you’re like that too, you might as well stop reading right here.

However, if you have the confidence that tells you that you can master new skills and find this career option intriguing, please continue.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

What is the Tycoon Playbook?

Even the most successful entrepreneurs eventually see their growth flatten out. This is because marketing-oriented growth strategies lose their effectiveness over time. At that point the entrepreneur can either accept the situation as permanent or look for a more sophisticated way to grow. The Tycoon Playbook is an option for the latter group.

The Tycoon Playbook is a home-study course on growth through acquisitions for entrepreneurs. It’s designed to be immediately actionable by proven entrepreneurs running a real business. Furthermore, the course is for business-people who do not have backgrounds in finance.

Do You Need an MBA in Finance?

If you have been using the lack of an advanced degree in finance as an excuse not to try acquisitions as a growth strategy, you now have no more excuses. This course is for you.

Who Should Enroll in the Course?

The Tycoon Playbook course was created for proven entrepreneurs with experience in running real businesses. This assumes that they have a positive cashflow as well. It’s for people with a strong desire to build something substantial such a business empire that can be left to their heirs.

Here’s the Ideal Candidate

The ideal Tycoon Playbook candidate is a successful entrepreneur ready for new growth opportunities in a more advanced league.

It’s probably also for someone who’d like to make a dent in the universe, as Steve Jobs once put it.

What is a Real Business?

A real business is one where you have to get up in the morning and get dressed to go to a real workplace. A real business will have real overhead that has to be covered every month from lease payments, to payroll, to accounts payable, to debt obligations, and more. It takes a certain type of person to handle these pressures.

In contrast, an activity that you can do all day from home in your pajamas, such as blogging, doesn’t meet the criteria of a real business.

I bring this up because the owners of real businesses are not going to sell their “baby” to someone whose experience is limited to blogging or affiliate marketing. Sorry. The Playbook will be a waste of time and money for you. If you value your time, you should stop reading here.

What if You Mastered Two of the Most Lucrative Professions?

The Tycoon Playbook opens up two of the most lucrative professions in the world to you. Deal-making and acquisitions. Specifically, it teaches you the following:

1. Financing

The course reveals how acquisitions can be financed with minimal down payments at closing. Please understand that this is not a goofy “no money down” course. There is no such thing as a free lunch in this life. Even the hucksters selling the no money down courses have changed their stories of late and admit that there’s a price of admission.

What’s the catch? You need a grubstake and good credit. Your grubstake is ideally an existing small business with positive cashflow or at least a pile of cash.

By the way, you don’t need to be a financial wizard to understand this type of finance. Anyone with a basic grounding in high school level math will be able to quickly master the lessons.

The course will show you how to workaround almost any financial challenge.

2. Deal-making Skills

The course also reveals how deal-makers cobble deals together. Discover how they negotiate and exploit timing to save otherwise undo-able deals.

Will You Have Anything of Value at the End of Your Business Career?

Most business-owners build their business in the hopes that it will provide their retirement nest egg. In many cases they are shocked to discover its market value at sale time.

During my years helping entrepreneurs to buy and sell businesses, the toughest part was always when I had to inform someone in their 60s that their business wasn’t worth anything beyond whatever inventory and equipment it may have had. In those cases, I was forced to recommend that they hold a fire sale and sell the pieces instead of the business itself.

According to brokerage industry studies, 80% of small businesses are never sold. They are typically shuttered after a liquidation sale. The bulk of the remaining 20% sell at a minimal multiple of 1X to 2X earnings to a budget buyer looking to acquire nothing more than a job for him or herself. In other words, the owner who ran a business for 20 or 30 years and was earning $100K at the end might at best expect to get $200k for his business. How long can they live off that in their golden years?

The tragedy is that most owners had hopes of retiring with millions after all those years of work.

What if You Had a Something Real to Sell?

It’s just as many headaches running a small business as a big one, so why not build a big one?

If you are in the early stages of your entrepreneurial career you need to understand how to build a business that will attract deep-pocketed corporate buyers from further up the food chain and avoid the fate of finding out when it’s too late that you have nothing to sell but your job.

Can You See Yourself Hitting the $100 Million Milestone?

Let me ask you a question. Can you even imagine hitting the $100 million milestone? Most people can’t. Many won’t even try to visualize it. It’s a number outside of their universe.

The Tycoon Playbook is a six week course designed to show business owners how to shoot for this magic milestone. The ideal student is someone already running a small but successful business and who wants to grow it more.

A Word of Caution

Before we continue let me make something perfectly clear. This is an advanced course designed for already successful businesspeople. If you somehow ended up here while looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, you are most definitely in the wrong place. The same applies to anyone who has been dabbling exclusively in online opportunities such as blogging, CPA, WSO, or affiliate marketing. Some inexperienced people with no business, cash, or credit jump to the erroneous conclusion that this course will have them acquiring real businesses with no money down. Once again, they are in the wrong place. You simply can’t go from a Pop Warner league to the NFL in one step. It takes years to work your way up.

When asked if someone fresh out of university should enroll, my answer is as follows. If you are a person with strong follow-through who tends to bring most undertakings to a successful completion and have a strong interest in following the tycoon path, the course will save you decades of trial and error. However, it’s going to take you longer than someone who already has a business. On the other hand, if you jump on a new idea every week and rarely complete anything, this course will just be one more dead end in a long series of them. Save your money.

Reverse-engineering the Most Proven Wealth Building Strategy

The Tycoon Playbook is often called the “billionaire strategies course” for good reason.

The Playbook reverse-engineers the most common path to billionaire status and shows how you can apply the actionable lessons to your own business. This is not to suggest that it will make you a billionaire, but rather that it will help you to out compete your competition and build something of true value. (However, one should “never say never.”)

The business growth strategies and tactics in the Playbook are for people running real businesses and who have a long-term commitment to maximizing wealth creation.

The Big 3 Billionaire Growth Strategies

Let’s take a look at the three most common business growth strategies that afford you a shot at surpassing $100 million in net worth.

1. The most commonly thought of strategy in the Internet Age is to come up with a technology, product, or platform and focus on building a single company around it. Think Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Nicholas Woodman (GoPro), or Sarah Blakely (Spanx).

Life is too short to be small. - Benjamin Disraeli

Life is too short to be small. – Benjamin Disraeli

2. Another less-known strategy is to focus exclusively on being a deal-maker who accumulates cash flow producing assets. This is actually the most proven path to tycoon status as it’s been around as long as business itself. If you are a serious business person who reads the financial news you will no doubt be familiar with many tycoons who built empires by almost exclusively wheeling and dealing in businesses. Think Warren Buffett, Carlos Slim, John Malone, Kirk Kerkorian, James Ling, Tom and Alec Gores, and of course Marcus Lemonis. There are thousands of others employing variations of this strategy on a smaller scale who manage to avoid the limelight.

3. The third and final path to billionaire status is to focus on building a single company but utilize acquisitions opportunistically to grow at a much faster rate then would otherwise be possible. It’s rare to find a company that never uses acquisitions to grow. Even the Gates, Bezos, and Zuckerbergs begin to do acquisitions eventually.

The Tycoon Playbook was created for those entrepreneurs interested in following the two latter paths. It’s for anyone who wants to pursue more aggressive growth through acquisition of other companies. These can be suppliers, customers, and competitors. The acquisitions can be driven by either a strategic or financial imperative.

Things Are Going to Get Worse Before They Get Any Better

The scary thing about the economy is that it may never get better as the world’s economic gravity shifts away from North America and Europe towards Asia. It’s tough to compete against people willing to do your job for 1/4th of the pay.

Poof Goes the Middle Class

The Rise of the New Global Elite

The lesson here is that if you don’t want to get sucked downwards by the economic whirlpool, you need to invest in upgrading your skill-set now.

Every Tycoon Story Has 3 Parts

As with all stories, every tycoon tale has three parts:

1. a beginning,

2. a middle, and

3. an end.

In The Tycoon Playbook we zero in on how tycoons got started. If you can start off right you can go far with these strategies. Think of the Playbook as your booster rocket into a league you are otherwise unlikely to ever enter.

The key is to get started and not waffle.

That’s the key.

What is the Big Secret Taught by The Tycoon Playbook?

The big secret is that there is no secret. It’s all out in the open if you care to spend a decade doing your own research into how deal-makers do deals and acquire assets. Or you can invest in the Playbook and get started within 30 days. The Playbook covers the details of getting started in asset acquisitions. In a nutshell, it’s about building systems. Think cookie-cutter approach. By the way, to do this right you will eventually have a team around you. It really is a team sport. The Playbook shows you how to do your first few deals by your lonesome so that you can eventually afford to hire specialists.

These Are Learnable Skills

It should be noted that the Playbook doesn’t cover the first strategy mentioned above because in most cases you need to be either a technical or generic genius. That is not a transferable skill. In contrast, knowing how to wheel and deal in cashflow producing assets involves transferable skills. It involves understanding acquisition finance, deal-making, and how to add value once the deal is done.

In a nutshell, it’s a systems-based approach more than anything else. The questions then become:

– Do you have the courage to step out of your comfort zone and try something new?

– Are you prepared to put in the effort to upgrade your skills and test them in the real world.

Sadly 19 out of 20 people will answer no to both questions. This is why only one in twenty people has financial security.

Everyone has a purpose in life. Perhaps yours is watching television?

– David Letterman

The following skills are the separators. Take a moment to ask yourself how your business growth prospects would improve if you mastered these high-value tycoon skills over the next few weeks:

-finding deals,

-determining if they are “do-able,”

-negotiating them,

-financing their purchase,

-increasing their value post-deal,

-building systems for remote management,

-selling them at the best possible price,

and many more valuable and actionable lessons on developing systems for fast aggressive growth from the Gold Medal Champions of Business.

Up until now you could only learn these lessons by working for a Wall Street investment bank. What makes the Playbook even better is that it was custom built for the entrepreneur building his own empire.

Moreover, the Playbook breaks down and explains acquisition finance in such a way that anyone with basic math skills will be able to capitalize on it.

Advanced Growth Strategies & Tactics

The Tycoon Playbook also teaches advanced tycoon lessons on:

-how to get luckier by being in the right place at the right time. Most people only recognize opportunities when they are finally visible through the rear view mirror. You will learn how tycoons spot them just as they start to emerge over the horizon.

-how to set up systems for the Pac Man Game,

-the Earnings Arbitrage Game played with private companies,

-the Earnings Arbitrage Game played with public companies,

-how to unleash the Golden Feedback Loop in an industry so that it works in your favor. The GFL is not available in every industry but you will learn how to spot when it is and how to exploit it,

-the Feeding the Beast Game,

-Piggybacking Tactics,

-the Industry Escalator Game,

-understanding where the booby-traps are if you proceed down the tycoon path,

and much much more.

The Key is to Leave the Starting Blocks

Every journey begins with but a single step.

In the Playbook we focus in on how to get started, set the growth systems in place, avoid the landmines, and do your first few deals. After that it’s up to you to decide how far you wish to go with the system. Your level of ambition will be the biggest limiting factor.

For the vast majority of people half the battle in being successful is just getting started. Most lose this battle because there’s always an excuse: not enough time, money, know-how, or the terror of trying something new.

Read what military legend, General Schwarzkopf, along with others, had to say on the subject of getting started:

For three years, I followed General Schwarzkopf on seminar events, heard his speech so many times I memorized it without trying, and spent a lot of time in green rooms talking with him. One of the things that sticks in my mind is his contention that a bad decision or wrong decision is better than no decision, because if the decision leads to action, it is easier to correct the course of someone or something already in motion than it is to get someone or something into motion from inertia. In his groundbreaking work “Psycho-Cybernetics,” Dr. Maxwell Maltz presents “zig-zagging” and “course correction” as the entire basis for human achievement; that hardly anybody gets to any goal via a straight line, but, instead, by moving, bumping-up against something, moving a different way, bumping, zigging, zagging, but moving, moving, moving. – Dan Kennedy’s No B.S. Wealth Attraction in the New Economy

There you have it. Everyone above (i.e., Kennedy, Schwarzkopf, and Maltz) is saying the same thing: You need to take action if you are going to accomplish anything with your life.

By the way, if you’re one of life’s wafflers, please don’t try this approach to business. You will fail because the world has no patience for people who can’t get off the fence. How do you know if you’re a waffler? Well, if you have been trying to decide for more than 48 hours on a simple matter like whether or not to enroll in the course, you are probably a waffler. Things will only get worse down the road when you have to pull the trigger on a deal. Take my advice and forget about this business growth strategy.

If you’re ready to start down the road to becoming a deal-maker/captain of industry, click here:

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right. – Henry Ford

Your First 100 Million: Additional Information

If you still want more information on this amazing course on billionaire growth strategies, please read the pages. The pages are accessed through the horizontal navigation bar at the top. They will provide you with all the information you need to make a yes/no decision on enrollment. Begin with the Tycoon Playbook button and the pages in its dropdown. Then read the Business Growth Strategies page and the ones on its dropdown. The FAQ and Is This For You pages are especially important.

An Insider Look at This Strategy

This is a report that can help you decide quickly if this strategy is for you or something you should pass on.

Here’s the odd thing: those who are convinced that they would be good at this strategy, often aren’t;  those who think they aren’t, often are.

There’s only one way to understand where you fall before actually trying it:  Get the report.

Get the Insider Report.

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