Fast Business Growth Strategies for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

The Tycoon Playbook is dedicated to all deal-makers, captains of industry, tycoons, and empire-builders, past, present, and future. - Peter Ireland

The Ultimate Growth Course for Successful Entrepreneurs

How much further could you go in life if you knew how to employ the time-proven strategies and tactics of self-made billionaires and tycoons in building great wealth?

The Tycoon Playbook course is dedicated to the practical study and application of the timeless strategies and tactics employed by self-made billionaires and tycoons. While technology evolves continuously the elite strategies and tactics remain constant.

The Playbook teaches you the strategic and tactical lessons that can be quickly applied to your business so that it can grow faster and bigger and leave the competition behind. While not everyone is going to become a tycoon, all smart business-owners and entrepreneurs can benefit immensely from learning how the Gold Medal Champions of Business do it.

All that is required is the desire to learn and then apply the Tycoon Playbook system. If this interests you, please read on.

The Tycoon Growth Strategy

All stories about how great fortunes are built are interesting, but the very best ones have a guy who starts out with a small grubstake and through serial wheeling and dealing parlays it into an empire. - Peter Ireland

There are two basic ways to reach and surpass the $100 million milestone. One way is to focus on building a single entity. This route has become the more high profile one in the Internet Age, thanks primarily to a narcissistic online media that only recognizes its own, and typically requires a brilliant technician for a founder. This is the geek path. The other is the traditional one used by self-made tycoons and billionaires which involves honing one's deal-making skills to aggregate cashflow producing assets. This is the poker player path.

Geeks Versus Poker Players

The Tycoon Playbook reverse-engineers the poker player path because the key skills can be taught and it's systems based. No technical genius required. Instead it relies on horse-trading sense and a cookie-cutter system to ramp up the deal flow. Even geeks adopt this strategy when they are finally able to afford the acquisitions specialists.

Acquire the Two Most Valuable Skills in Business

The Playbook was created for people who are already running a successful small business and wish to ramp up their growth. Specifically, the Playbook teaches proven high performance business-people the two most highly rewarded skills in business, namely:

1. deal-making and

2. how to acquire cash flow producing business assets.

Take a moment to ask yourself how your prospects would improve if you learned these high value skills from the Gold Medal Champions of Business over the next few weeks.

Life rewards those who invest in improving their game while punishing those who don't.

Why Enroll?

There are three huge reasons why smart business owners and entrepreneurs are enrolling in The Tycoon Playbook course on deal-making and accelerated growth strategies.

1. Savvy entrepreneurs recognize that deal-making and acquisition skills enable you to enter a lucrative field that the Average Joe simply assumes is shut to outsiders. The truth is that insiders want outsiders to think that you need a Harvard MBA and Wall Street background to qualify for membership. The Tycoon Playbook course opens the doors to this field for anyone willing to make an investment in themselves.

2. We are living in the most competitive period in human history and it's only going to get worse. No longer is the competition purely domestic and operating from 8 to 5 PM. Today it's increasingly global and operating round-the-clock 365 days per year. To have a shot at prospering you need to become a fiercer competitor. This calls for improving your game. The Playbook shows you how to leave the competition in the dust.

3. Something like 80% of all small businesses never find a buyer at selling time and have to be shuttered by their owner. Try to imagine the shock of discovering that no one wants to buy your business when you decide to get out or retire. It's devastating both emotionally and financially. To have something sale-able later, you need to start building it today. The Playbook shows you how to do this.

The Playbook's advanced business growth strategies will show you not only how to dominate the competition but how to build an asset that will attract deep-pocketed buyers when you decide that it's time to exit.

Rewire Your Brain for Two Reasons

1. This is your opportunity to master how the game of capitalism is played at the topmost level.

2. Equally importantly, as one graduate put it, it will "rewire your brain" to think like a tycoon. You will then begin to see opportunities that are invisible to others. You will also know how to capitalize on them.

Who Should Enroll in The Tycoon Playbook Course?

If you are a successful entrepreneur, business owner, manager, or even a consultant, who is looking for a more aggressive palette of growth strategies and tactics, the Playbook is something you should seriously consider investing in. This systems-based approach is for the person committed to building something substantial for themselves, their families, legacies, and communities.

If you are serious about utilizing advanced growth strategies for your business, enroll right now.

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