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If you have a genuinely serious interest in discovering how to grow your business with deal-making and acquisitions, but have some questions first, we can arrange to have a 30 minute telephone or Skype chat. The sheer volume of questions has forced me to start charging for my time. I will answer everything truthfully and accurately because I only want people who have the potential to do well to sign up. Here’s the great thing about this. If you enroll within 24 hours of our talk, the price of the talk will be credited towards your enrollment fee.

We can also cover any business buying problems you may have such as financing or negotiating.

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Here’s Why You Should Study Tycoons

Before you can attempt something truly big, you will need the courage.
Before you can have the courage, you will need the knowledge.

Do you have what it takes to succeed at the tycoon level?

Here are three reasons why any serious entrepreneur needs to study tycoons:

Tycoons are creative problem-solvers. While most people give up on their goals after hitting an obstacle or having a set-back, tycoons almost always find a way to get the deal done and keep their momentum rolling forward. Where there’s a will there’s most certainly a way.

They are unstoppable. They are real life “Terminators.” Friedrich Nietzsche is famous for having written about the “will to power,” which he believed to be the primary driving force in humans. Specifically, it’s the ambition and drive for achievement, recognition, and the highest possible position in life. Tycoons tend to be the best examples of people with this type of drive.

And last but not least, they are builders. They build companies, edifices, and empires. The best ones leave behind a legacy as well.

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Framing John Delorean: Money, power, politics, drugs, scandal, and fast cars. Discover the untold story of the controversial automaker’s meteoric rise and shocking fall.

As I was writing the preceding post about the other John DeLorean movie, Driven, I stumbled across this second film.  Personally, I think Lee Pace was a better choice for the lead than Baldwin since both DeLorean and Pace were/are tall and slim, 6’4″ and 6’5″ respectively, whereas Baldwin is too short and heavyset for the role.

Looking forward to watching this tonight.

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Even if you don’t know who John DeLorean was, you probably know his famous car used for time travel in the Back to the Future movies.  After leaving GM where he had been a senior officer, he started his own company, DeLorean Motors, to build and sell the DeLorean sports car.  The company quickly found itself in a cash flow crunch, and as legend has it, John attempted to raise $30 million by doing a coke deal.  The big question is did he come up with the idea or was he the victim of an FBI sting operation? The jury found him not guilty.

There’s a recent film about DeLorean where Lee Pace, who bears an uncanny resemblance, plays him. This movie can be categorized as light comedy.

Here’s the trailer for Driven. I rate it a solid 6.5/10.

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Since there’s money to be made in buying failed businesses and fixing them up to flip, you might find this documentary interest although it’s from the point of view of insolency professionals not tycoons. It comes recommended by a Tycoon Playbook grad.

Gerald and Dave are insolvency practitioners, and business is booming. With exclusive access to ‘behind the scenes’ negotiations, we follow them as they parachute into businesses that have hours left to live. This fascinating film goes into boardrooms and on to shop floors, up and down the country, discovering how the credit crunch is really affecting British business.

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Discovery’s new show ‘Undercover Billionaire’ will have Glenn Stearns explain what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur when the cards are stacked against you

Self-made man Glenn Stearns will talk about his humble beginnings and how he believes anybody can be successful despite all the adversities that life throws along the way .

The new Discovery reality show/social experiment ‘Undercover Billionaire’ will follow Stearns as he tries to build a million-dollar company from scratch in just 90 days!

While you might think that setting up a million-dollar company for a billionaire will be a cakewalk, to make things more interesting and relatable, Glenn must set up this company in a place chosen by the Discovery crew without using any of his business contacts or existing capital.

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