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I began enrolling in how-to-business courses years ago and spent a fortune on them.  With hindsight I now see that most were less than fortright because they teach deceptively easy ways to buy businesses without using any of your own money.  I suspect it’s done this way in order to motivate you enough to find an opportunity. Once you have and attempt to close it using the techniques taught you discover that you will need money of your own. You then contact the man who sold you to course for help.  He immediately steps in and begins squeezing you out entirely or reducing your stake down to almost nothing. After all, he’s raising the money he told you wasn’t needed. At the end of the day you at best receive a paltry finder’s fee and pat on the head.

For this reason the Tycoon Playbook, which I took last, is a breath of fresh air. It’s honest about fact that you will need a decent credit score and some money to put into the deal. It even teaches you how to raise it. This is the only course worth investing in.

Joshua, USA


If you’re one of those people thinking about spending $20,000 to have someone else kick some motivation into you, this program is not for you. If on the other hand you are a self-motivated winner who simply needs a roadmap to follow to integrate M&A into your growth strategy, this is the way to go. I had to learn this lesson the expensive way. You don’t. This is the real quantum leap advantage (QLA). Take the course and start accumulating assets within 60 days. Go for it.



Despite some initial price-based reservations over the Tycoon Playbook, curiosity got the best of me and I finally decided to give it a shot. After the first three modules, I knew that I had made the right decision. The course then proceeded to get better with each subsequent module. The content is incredibly in-depth and detailed. It’s a systems-based approach to buying businesses covering every step of the way from sourcing deals, negotiating the best possible terms, using sophisticated financing, and finally tweaking the performance of your portfolio companies. The 300 odd pages on the myriad ways to finance an acquisition are the best ever written on the subject. I should know having read everything on the subject. The Playbook includes all the tools you will ever need from correspondence templates such as contact letters, NDAs, LOIs, spreadsheets, to purchase & sale agreements. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the Tycoon Playbook or Peter’s coaching to anyone looking to buy a business or many businesses.” – Jeff Chen, MBA


For me this course and path are about creating Fuck You Money. I spent 23 years working for others until one day they downsized and replaced me with a guy half my age at half my pay.  There is no loyalty anymore in business. Look out for #1 because no one else will.

D.G.,  Houston, TX



I just finished the course.  What can I say…it was a masterpiece.

Absolutely chalk full of good, useable, nuts and bolts information, with a highly entertaining writing style to boot.  I took 28 pages of notes and printed off probably twice that much to go in my 3-ring binder for future quick reference.  I’ve incorporated, formed a “team of advisers,” am working on my website, and will soon be entering deal flow.

I have 8 years of deal making experience, albeit at a small level, but this was just what I needed.  There’s no question that it’s been a life changing experience.  I feel like I’ve been given the keys to a new and exciting world.

Thank you so much.

Ryan G, Louisville, KY


Why are you reading this testimonial? Do you think it will guarantee that the Tycoon Playbook will help you become a billionaire or maybe even just a multi-millionaire? Well ask yourself, “What’s the fastest way to become a billionaire?” What’s your answer? Do you think you’ll hit the lottery? Unlikely. Do you think you’ll just stumble into the magic formula? Again, unlikely. Do you think modeling the people who have already made their billions might help? Absolutely! Now, are you going to spend the next ten years researching these folks to learn how they do what they do? Unlikely. So, would having access to the most thoroughly researched, vetted and comprehensive step by step system help? Absolutely! So, here is what I can guarantee…without this Playbook you’re dead in the water! So, why are you still reading my testimonial? GO ORDER IT NOW!!!!

Erik Luhrs, New York City,


What an awesome resource on how to buy businesses.  I have used the Tycoon Playbook strategies to buy a lot of businesses over the last 14 years. When people come to me to figure out what we do in Private Equity, I will recommend this as the very first place to start!  Everyone should take this course and have their eyes opened to the way most of the great fortunes in American history have been built!!

I’ll certainly be referring back to the Playbook for years to come.

Business broker Ace Chapman,


I can’t praise this course enough. Yes, it delivers on its promise to provide you with actionable lessons from self-made billionaires. Even more importantly, it rewires your brain to think like they do. No more excuses about not having the know-how, time, or money to do something with your life. Just follow the road map set out in the Playbook. The trick is to have the cajones to take the first step of enrolling.

H.A.,  San Jose


Whoa! What an amazing down to earth insight into the wheeling and dealing playbook of the richest 0.5% in the world that controls what the remaining 99.5% are scrambling for. Peter Ireland has removed the veil. He has now leveled the playing field for the rest of us who are bold enough to step on to the plate! His revelation of the practical and proven systems for finding deals, determining their doability, negotiating them, financing them, increasing their value, and eventually selling them for untold riches is really in your face. I wish I could have enough money to prevent him from taking this information public. Really! With this program, Peter has made the price of admission to the League of Tycoons and Billionaires to be a measly few hundreds or thousands dollars and your desire to execute. And your return on this investment can never be rivaled by the stock market or those enjoyed by the greatest investors that has gone before you, including Warren Buffett. Watch out, I’m on my way!!!

BJ Hazzan – Ivy League MBA, Former Wall Street Banker and Aspiring Billionaire (Relentlessly Executing this Playbook), Shelton, CT


The following is an email S. Meche wrote to a colleague after finishing the Tycoon Playbook.


There are times when we read certain books, articles, publications, etc. where it leaves a profound effect on our thinking; whether that is a strengthening of our existing beliefs, or a challenge to what we once though. That effect is different for each of us, and sometimes our own enthusiasm isn’t shared at the same level with those who also read it.

While my own excitement over this subject would have me preach to all of my friends that this is a “must read”, I am not naive enough to think that they all would read it and that only a very select few could possibly appreciate its importance. That being said, I would be remiss as a friend if I did not share this with you; since I believe you would definitely benefit from it.

After doing a bit of reading from the website and subscribing to the free emails, I decided that the course offered was of sufficient interest to me that I would give it a go. There are 12 modules to this course in about 20 sections or so that are sent out weekly. Right now I am on the last module, and am still doing a bit of catch up on the others watching suggested videos and other reading materials.

Mark, to me this is a masterpiece. Its much more than a “How to” course on creating wealth. There are some very profound and significant lessons as well materials suggested for additional reading and especially the videos. The homework materials are not from the author, but other publications and movies/videos by others that help tie it all together.

Like you, I have looked and studied a lot of different material in the past on business. This is the first one that really connected all the dots for me and has me looking at things in a new light. Its has helped me look at the bigger picture of my goals…much more than just having “a” business, but about dealflow. I believe it will shed a new light on your own goals and pursuit of business.

I would suggest at a minimum that you get on the free email list as it will give you a bit of insight as to whether or not it is for you.

S. Meche,  TX


I found the Tycoon Playbook to be a highly engaging mix of thought provoking information, strategies, and tactics. It can be daunting at times. Peter has done a superlative job of using real world examples of how hugely successful entrepreneurs truly made it to become billionaires. The course can really open an entrepreneur’s mind to new and creative business building opportunities.

A.Eardley, London, England


Being in the business I have invested in every book, seminar, and course on how to buy businesses over the years. I can state in the most unequivocal manner that the Playbook is by far the best. I have another course that cost 10X as much but which is put to shame by the Playbook. The only drawback here is that you need the guts to try new things. That’s the cost of success.

Dr. Rodney Burge, Chicago


The Tycoon Playbook looked to me to be a place where I could learn from someone’s years of researching and developing a fuller understanding of the most successful businessmen in our time. For me, I saw that it could help to answer some of the questions that I was asking myself at my current stage of entrepreneurship.

I enrolled with the singular goal of clarifying my thoughts regarding my next round of business growth.

The absolutely best thing about the Playbook was to put a lot of effort into choosing the industry in which you’ll participate. Peter lays out the case quite well about what can make a successful industry vs. an average one. If I simply want to be in business, any business will do. If I want to be in the best business, that requires a lot more introspection. Peter’s work helped me through those questions.

It has helped me to scrap some of the plans I’ve had in place and I’m confidently on a track for the next round of business growth.

I already have a group of companies and can see using Peter’s strategies to continue my business growth by leveraging these small operations to move into larger and larger businesses.

C. Page, San Diego, CA

~ The Tycoon Playbook was amazingly helpful in showing me how billionaires and tycoons build their business empires. It’s a tremendous advantage to understand how they think, what they look for, and how they acquire assets, at he beginning of your career. It’s definitely a must for anyone interested in building a “empire.” It was also extremely helpful in understanding what types of industry conditions to look for if you’re serious about wealth creation. Picking the right industry is half the game.

I loved “The Common Sense Approach” to adding value to assets once you have acquired them because it made me realize that the people who become tycoons are not superhuman geniuses, but are more likely to be similar to me. If you understand what they’re doing you can do the same albeit on a smaller scale at first.

All in all, I am very glad that I took the chance and enrolled.

D. Jankowski, New York City


Wow! Peter Ireland has truly written a tour de force of a course that should be in the personal library of every aspiring entrepreneur. I like the fact that it provides an avenue or methodology to follow for aspiring businesspersons who do not possess the tech background to create the next “Google” or “Facebook” startup, but still want to achieve similar levels of extraordinary financial success. The course is jam packed with knowledge, some of my favorites being lessons from/factoids about individual billionaires, how to be a deal-maker, lessons about working with public companies, entering deal flow, opportunity identification and financing. Also highly educational are some of the case studies of how certain moguls have bootstrapped their way to deal maker status from humble beginnings. This should not only be a welcome how-to guide but also a confidence booster for anyone willing to put forth the efforts to achieve such lofty entrepreneurial pursuits. I highly recommend this course.

Richard Jose, San Jose, CA


I bought the Tycoon Playbook in August and it has been a valuable resource for me. I literally use it everyday in building my business. For me, the best thing about the course is that it outlines what billionaires actually do to create wealth instead of what they say they do. Also, it provides a toolbox of strategies and concepts all in one course. This makes it a complete wealth building program that really provides a road map to get from where I am today to great wealth.

As a side note, most people sell you a course and “disappear” but Peter has been responsive by email after I made my purchase which is also a plus.

B. Assim, Toronto, Canada


The Tycoon Playbook is an invaluable tool for advanced entrepreneurs interested in adopting an acquisitions strategy for growth. The author is the real deal a veteran intermediary who shares in detail how most great business empires have been built and will continue to be built. The Playbook is a definite must-have for aspiring tycoons and deal-makers.

Alan Blume,  Inc. 500 alumnus (2 years)

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