If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


Thank you for your interest in the course.

However, before you enroll it’s imperative that you take time to consider what is involved and required.

Let’s start with the key question, “Can you really buy a business without any money or management experience?”

Take a moment to think this through and consider if it’s even possible.

Sadly, there are a number of people out there who have been offering courses on how people with zero management experience and zero capital can buy up businesses with no money down. Most began backpedaling on this claim over the past few years. Some have even begun admitting that you, in fact, do require capital and relevant experience. However, a new shyster appears every year promising people that they can buy up real businesses without personally risking a dime.

It’s not going to happen.

No seller or lender is going to fall for a deal where the buyer has nothing at stake.

Would you?

Of course not. (I hope.)

Both sellers and lenders require the buyer to have plenty to lose should he screw up.

The Tycoon Playbook system is designed for the corporate buyer and not the individual.

What is your corporate credit rating?

How much borrowing power does your corporation have?

How much cash does it have for a down payment at closing?

Can it even afford a 10% earnest money payment when submitting an offer?

On top of all that what is your personal credit score because you will probably have to guarantee all corporate loans?

In other words, there’s no free lunch in this world.

If you don’t have a strong corporate credit rating and corporate access to financing, this course will be useless to you.

You will also need relevant management experience in the industry. No owner is going to sell his “baby” and entrust his employees to a blogger or affiliate marketer. It won’t happen.

If you lack both capital and track record, please take some time to get real. You cannot bluff your way into ownership and besides people can smell a faker from a block away.

If you can’t afford the course then you won’t be able to afford any of things you will need to do to get started. To make money requires that you spend some first. To put it bluntly, having this course when you don’t have any money is like owning the chamois bound, diamond-encrusted manual for a $1.5 million Italian supercar. Back in high school I knew a guy who would buy these manuals for $150/pop because he believed that having them would somehow magically help him get the car.  Last I heard he was still a bum which is no surprise because he was always a shady and lazy character looking for ways to cheat you.

My advice is to go build a business first and then come back in a few years for this course–if you still want to go this route.

I prefer that you keep your money rather than have someone enroll who won’t be able to put the course to use immediately.


PS On top of everything I have mentioned above, buying businesses includes a lot of accounting especially in the due diligence phase. Imagine yourself spending 50 to 100 hours at the seller’s business going through his books like a forensic accountant. This thought alone turns off at least 75% of people who think that they want to buy a business. There’s a lot of drudgery involved in looking for a business to buy. You can easily spend two to three months analyzing a deal only to have it fall through for any number of reasons.

This is not a get-rich-quick business. It’s especially not recommended for those who have never actually succeeded at business.


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