The Tycoon Playbook: Learning Growth Strategies From the Best

The Tycoon Playbook is systems-based. This means that you only need the determination to “follow the yellow brick road, Dorothy,” as they say in an old movie.

Do you have the determination to apply the system or are you just a tire-kicker?

The subject of wheeling and dealing in assets comprises only five of the twelve learning modules. The other seven cover what I call “full contact capitalism.” Most people will never get very far because they stick with the “Pop Warner League” version of capitalism. If you’re interested in how those who make it to tycoon status play the game, you will find these other modules highly illuminating as well.

If you are a serious entrepreneur, CEO, or consultant, you will find much of value here. The Tycoon Playbook is for the person with a company ideally already doing $500K to $10MM in sales and desiring a new palette of strategies for more aggressive growth.

Here’s another reason to learn from these tycoons. They are the best of the best. They are the Gold Medal winners of business. No one has more power or respect than they do. Some of them take on entire countries and some even buy them.

The Tycoon Playbook is an unusual product designed for a rare breed of entrepreneur. It’s the entrepreneur who wants to pursue more aggressive growth with acquisitions of other companies. These can be suppliers, customers, and competitors. The acquisitions can be driven by either a strategic or financial imperative.

It’s called the Tycoon Playbook because that’s exactly what it is. It’s a collection of the most proven strategies and tactics, or “plays” to use North American football terminology. It focuses on plays used by tycoons and billionaires who grew their empires with acquisitions.

In the vast majority of examples, we look at only self-made men. These are the ones who started from humble or at best middle-class origins and worked their way up to billionaire or at least tycoon status. This is to demonstrate the fact that anyone with some business sense and a healthy dose of ambition can go much further with these plays than they would otherwise.

A Word of Caution

If you are looking for something that promises to make you a billionaire, you are in the wrong place. This is also not a “no money” approach. It takes capital to enter this game, perhaps not a lot, but some. That’s why I stress that the ideal candidate is someone who already owns a small business and has cash flow that can be leveraged for acquisitions.

You start slow and then accelerate to a pace you are comfortable at expanding.

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