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The Tycoon Playbook is an advanced level course for entrepreneurs and business owners who are savvy enough to grasp the explosive potential from growth via acquisitions. The entire course is designed to get candidates into action as quickly as possible.

How to Build a Business Empire

Let’s face it, most “entrepreneurs” are not that impressive. The is because the vast majority are in reality BYOBers (Be Your Own Bossers). In a nutshell, they are people who couldn’t qualify for or keep a decent paying job, so they created a small business that stayed small in order to have an income. The business never grows beyond the $500K to $2 million range in sales because to do so would require the owner to loosen her tight grip and delegate to others. BYOBers can’t do this because they are control freaks. If you watch The Profit with Marcus Lemonis you will see BYOBers in every second episode. Marcus will offer them the world for a minority share yet they will find a way to sabotage the deal at the end because they can’t share control with anyone else.



Next up are the entrepreneurs who focus on building a lone enterprise as big as possible in the shortest time frame possible. Their fate typically hinges on the performance of this one company. They sink or swim with it. Some of these individuals are quite impressive in terms of what they achieve. As a result the public attempts to emulate their success not realizing that for every successful entrepreneur lauded by the media there are hundreds who failed or only achieved mediocre success.

Then there are the tycoons. Tycoons focus on wealth maximization through empire building. What this means specifically is that they approach business as a numbers game like venture capitalists do. So rather than just sinking everything they have in terms of time, energy, and resources into building just one company, they focus on accumulating companies. They do this in order to control and benefit from their cash flows. The cashflows are continuously leveraged to acquire yet more cashflows. In this way many of the most successful tycoons end up controlling hundreds of companies.

What This Course is Not

This course is not designed to separate suckers from their money by charging $15,000 for a week-long seminar where they listen to a well past his prime motivational speaker call attendees “doofuses” and “morons,” before sending them home with little actionable knowledge.  Rather it is for the entrepreneur looking for technical knowledge on how to grow with M&A rather than for tired motivational claptrap. If you need a crazy old guy yelling at you, take a pass on this. If you are a self-motivated adult who just needs a cookie-cutter system to follow, the course is for you. – Former Student

What The Course is

Are you seriously committed to shooting for the 100 million milestone? If you are the Tycoon Playbook course helps you to develop your own unique cookie-cutter system for growth via acquisitions. The course is systems-based teaching you the ket systems you will require and how to set up their initial iterations. Your systems will continue to then evolve on their own.


Your First 100 Million

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