Your First 100 Million: The Entrepreneurial M&A Course

This course is designed for the serious entrepreneur who wants to have an advanced palette of strategies and tactics to employ for more aggressive growth. Let’s be honest, it’s getting tougher and tougher to survive let alone prosper out there in the global 24/7 marketplace. Indeed many won’t make it this economy. Moreover, when they eventually fail they won’t even understand why it happened.

My area of specialty is entrepreneurial finance. It’s the fun practical type of finance that allows you to do things most people would think impossible. What I have learned about startup finance over the past 25 years is now all in the Startup Guide. Sadly most people’s knowledge of finance is limited to nothing more than, “I’ll write a business plan and hopefully someone will give me money.” If you try to explain to them that there is always something more that they can do right now to move their projects forward, they don’t want to hear about it. They only want some kind stranger to drop $500k or $5 million into their laps so that all their financial problems are instantly and permanently solved.

It doesn’t work that way.

To survive and thrive in today’s ever-increasing competitiveness, you need to learn advanced business strategies from the best of the best. Yes, they do know more than you do. Don’t make the fatal and unnecessary mistake of thinking that you know all that there is to know.

What You Will Be Able to Do?

If you invest in the Tycoon Playbook, you will know how to do the following.

Spot the Best Opportunities

A good entrepreneur is like a professional gambler in that he knows which tables at the casino offer the most favorable odds. Our objective is to identify the best “tables” at which to start playing this game. We will cover how to identify the industries and conditions that provide the best opportunities for getting off on the right foot for business building and wealth accumulation.

We will also learn how to avoid the ones that need to be steered clear of. Half the game is in knowing where and when to play.

Slip Streaming the Leaders

Long ago as bicycle road racer, I learned about the benefits of slip streaming. By riding in another racer’s slip stream, I could travel at his speed but with only 60 to 80% of the effort, depending on wind conditions. In effect, the rider in front was towing me. Once the finish line was in sight I was in far better shape to out-sprint him to it. We will cover what I call “Slip Streaming Strategies” which entrepreneurs with minimal assets can utilize to accelerate the growth of their businesses.

Master the Earnings Arbitrage Game

You will discover the various ways in which the game of earnings arbitrage is played with small private companies and how you can master them for faster growth.

Unleashing the Golden Feedback Loop

The course is about showing you the strategies and tactics that self-made tycoons use to build deal-machines and buy up companies. How far you then go is up to you. However, the odds are that if you even implement only 5% of what you learn from them, you will be go much further than you would have otherwise.

The great thing about this course is that it reveals an advanced strategy for wealth creation that I have come to call the Golden Feedback Loop. Tycoons understand how to create and unleash the Golden Feedback Loop which will destroy the status quo within their industry and throw competition off balance. The GFL is covered in detail in the course.

To continue learning about how to go after your first 100 million go here growth strategies.

Your First 100 Million

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