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Marcus Lemonis

Marcus Lemonis


Marcus Lemonis is hiring people to help him expand his empire.

To quote Marcus:

With the growth of my portfolio of companies I’m always looking for great people. Please send resumes to




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9 Responses to Marcus Lemonis Opportunities

  • Hi Peter, can you be more details for the requirements and the business ? he needs for partner, manager for representative office or ? I could pass this info to my friends.

  • Suri,

    That’s all the info I have from him.

  • I am wondering if Marcus Lemonis is interested in helping my husband & I in our small apartment building. We are ready to be foreclosed on & know the property is worth much more than someone will buy it for thru a short sale. We need some cash to get it out of foreclosure & some cash to get a few repairs taken care of. After that, we can put it on the market and make a profit. It would help Marcus & my husband & I, mostly us. We are 60 & 65 years of age & just need the help to move forward and not lose everything.

    Also, we are located in a prime area of the city, (Portland, OR) & condominiums could also be built on the property & sold at a nice price.

    We enjoy watching “The Profit” and know that Marcus is a man of integrity & would love it if he were interested in working with us. I know our business is at a much lower scale than what he is used to working with; however, we are people of integrity also & just need some help to not lose everything we worked so hard for. Time is of the Essence.

    Thank you & Praying we will hear back from you soon. Sandra O.

  • I am very interested in what Mr. Marcus Has to offer.

  • 🙄 Hi Marcus!! Really like all your shows and really look up to you.. My brother passed away almost 3 yrs ago and everything he ever worked hard for he left it to me which is his recording studio that was his passion now it became mind to keep his legacy alive but I’ve been struggling.. It’s makes money but not managed right I really need your help I know you may have your hands full but I’m willing and ready to do anything it takes.. I really admire any decision you make!!! It will be a blessing to have your help

  • I’m in the construction business and have been for going on 26yrs.
    As of last November , for some reason (I can’t figure it out) our income has dropped almost to the point I may have to shut down. We have always been able to make our bills and payroll.
    Last yr. our gross sales were just shy of two mil.
    At the rate things are going we won’t last much longer. I know from watching the show my payroll is well over the percentage it should be. We are like 49% payroll and it should be in the 20’s.
    I could really use some help as to what went wrong and how to fix this. I have 22 employees and really would not like to see them lose their jobs. Nor my suppliers who have been great over the years.
    We grew very fast from me pushing to increase business. I have down sized some of our work from contractors that are the greatest and kept 5 of the bigger contractors.

    Just need a little help or insight as to what to do to save this business. The employees I have don’t want to work anywhere else. I treat them with respect and in turn they work their butts off to do what is needed to stop the bleeding.

    Thank you in advance, Tom

  • I’m looking for an opportunity in developing or improving safety & quality programs. I’m a proving leader and always seeking knowledge. I believe my experience in manufacturing and being a pervious business has set me on a successful path. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thank you,

    Ray Waters, Sr.

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