Bloomberg Game Changers: Warren Buffett Revealed

This is a very good biography of Warren Buffett.

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  • People,

    The following describes who we are, what we are about, and “seeking
    expansion funding” to accomplish. The total amount needed for the 5 year
    period is $100.1B USD, of which the first $25+m USD is needed as soon as
    is physically possible.

    This funding will empower and move forward this project that creates tens
    of millions of jobs over the next 5 – 10 years, thereby significantly
    reducing the cost of government assistance programs that many Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing (HOH) who are stuck with these meager SSI or SSD benefits
    which do not cover normal living expenses. In addition, hearing people can
    also benefit and find employment with Deaf World in Utah and across the
    nation. This will happen, first in Utah, then nationwide, beginning with

    three campuses in the Salt Lake Valley,
    additional campuses in Utah,
    campuses nationwide
    collaborating with colleges and universities that have television and film
    production departments,
    our own Deaf Media training facilities on many of our campuses.
    This project requires almost every conceivable skill-set to launch and

    I will let Ms. Phillips take you through the steps as she is more
    knowledgeable of her process than I.

    Expansion is urgent and realistically should have been accomplished 6
    months ago. However, better late than never. We’ve done many informal
    market studies. The response was the same from both Deaf and hearing:
    “It’s about time!!!” As methodology and technology are different by more
    than 30%, Deaf World Media qualifies as a new industry… with no direct

    The following describes who we are, what we are about, and “seeking
    expansion funding” to accomplish. The total amount needed for the 5 year
    period is $100.1B USD:
    $5.05B USD for year one;
    $25B USD for year 2;
    $40B USD for year 3;
    $25B USD for year 4; and
    $5.01B USD for year 5.
    $25M USD is needed as soon as humanly possible to begin our first fiscal
    year (yesterday is NOT too soon).
    Ms. Phillips already put into her business of her own means approximately
    $150K for seed and start-up. We no longer have room, funding, or equipment
    necessary for expansion and the work that is involved; however, we are
    poised for expansion.

    We’ve tested all business models and determined them to be true and
    correct. Funding we seek will more than empower us to move toward
    launching this project.

    We don’t expect one investor, donor, or sponsor to handle this project
    alone. Joint efforts are encouraged, but we can accept singular investors
    who feel capable, comfortable, and willing to invest in this
    history-making project.

    I’m attaching a 5 page executive summary which includes a basic timeline
    and line-item budget for your review, along with an N.D.A for you to sign
    and return (digital signatures are acceptable and binding). The executive
    summary mentions technical equipment that is proprietary and therefore, no
    details are included. Also, this proprietary equipment presently exists
    only in the mind of the President, owner, CEO, a Deaf woman, and industry
    professional. The equipment being developed will greatly enhance the Deaf
    Media industry, can be used by our counterparts in the hearing industry as
    well, and becomes a source of revenue for DWMI. We have an engineering
    team ready to go to work to make this equipment a reality. They have all
    signed the NDA and are very excited to be involved with our project.

    Deaf World Television, Inc., owned and operated by a Deaf business woman,
    an industry professional, is seeking expansion funding to further advance,
    enhance, empower and secure a new frontier. To successfully launch Deaf
    World’s television networks, (beginning in Utah, then the U.S., then the
    world), requires FUNDING (asap) TO PURCHASE TWO BUILDINGS currently for
    sale plus necessary operating expenses (equipment and software, planning,
    recruiting, and preparation) totaling $25+M USD for our first quarter of
    our first fiscal year. An additional $25+M USD covers our second quarter
    and BEGINS retrofit, expansion and installation of special state of the
    art equipment, that will allow and empower the Deaf professionals to work
    with the same efficiency as the hearing professionals in the production
    and broadcast industry. The titles of the two buildings/property will
    remain in the investors’ possession until paid off in five years; DWMI
    retains the right of first refusal, to be worked out in greater detail.
    Last but not least, on a third campus, an approximately 550-acres in
    Herriman, Utah, (developed property costing sixty-eight million, seven
    hundred fifty thousand dollars USD–$68,750.000.00), Deaf World plans to
    build the largest sound stage in the world.

    We are “not” seeking funding for film production, but for the FIRST
    “Deaf television broadcasting facilities in media history.” There are
    many Deaf film/television professionals who have no venue through which
    to broadcast their work. Production and post-production facilities will
    be available for rent to Deaf professionals (and hearing) who choose to
    shoot and/or edit in Utah, creating another source of revenue for DWMI.
    Other rentals will add to that source of revenue.

    The President of Deaf World developed proper and appropriate techniques
    that make Deaf World television/film a new industry and a new frontier.
    The Deaf community (17% of the U.S. population or approximately 55 —
    85million people) have never been recognized as a target market or a
    valuable resource on any level.

    Some improvements have been made and the Deaf have been doing some
    myth-busting, but more needs to be and can be done with and through the
    benefits of media.

    Thomas R. Platt
    Director Public Relations
    Deaf World Television, Inc.
    Phone, text: 801-633-7024

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