Hell on Wheels Season 3 Begins

The only television tycoon I can think of off hand is Colm Meaney’s Thomas “Doc” Durant in Hell on Wheels.  Durant was in charge of building the eastern half of the first transcontinental railroad right after the Civil War ended.

As always, Colm does a marvelous job in this role. It’s rated 8.1 over at IMDB.

If you haven’t seen the show do give it a try if you like westerns. It’s packed with likeable characters, scoundrels, downright villains and offers a pretty unvarnished view of the period.

By the way, here’s a clip of Colm’s character reflecting on how history will view him once he’s gone. Tycoon Profiles: Thomas Durant From Hell on Wheels


hell on wheels

TV’s Best Tycoon

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