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My long lost bearded twin?

I don’t recall what piqued my curiosity to watch Downton Abbey a few years ago, but I quickly found myself hooked. This is in large part due to all the very likable characters that populate the Downton Abbey universe such as Mrs. O’Brien and Mrs. Patmore. Who wouldn’t want these wonderful women as friends in real life?  Then of course there’s Maggie Smith as the Countess Dowager who gets all the best lines. Hers is the role of a lifetime. Then there are the men: Mr. Carson the old school butler, Matthew Crawley, Tom Branson, and last but not least Lord Grantham himself played by Hugh Bonneville for whom I am being mistaken with ever increasing frequency these days.

This is just my roundabout way to pointing you to an interesting article at the Washington Post on how the show reflects our current economic turmoil. The unfolding story about the family’s struggle to hold onto Downton is particularly compelling.

Downtonomics: A fictional estate’s troubles echo in the modern world

Lord Grantham may think he can take arms against the slings and arrows of 1920s Britain that threaten Downton Abbey and its outrageous fortune, but he faces a mighty adversary: the immutable laws of economics.

Click to read.

If you haven’t tried the show give it a shot.


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