How’s your confront?

Confront? What’s that?

Confront is your willingness to tackle whatever life throws at you head-on whether it be problems or opportunities. Let’s take a look at some examples.


When a problem or potential problem rears its ugly head, what is your typical response?

-One of your employees appears to have lost all interest in his job. Do you call him in to discuss the matter or do you just hope that the problem will resolve it over time so that you don’t have to do anything?

-You notice a symptom that your doctor should diagnose. Do you set up an appointment when it doesn’t go away after a few days or do you fret over it for months instead?

-You find yourself faced with an unpleasant task. Do you bite the proverbial bullet and get it done quickly or do you keep postponing action?


What is your typical response with regards to opportunities?

-After making the decision to become self-employed you finally spot a great business opportunity. Do you go for it quickly or do you lose months sitting on the fence trying to decide what to do?

-You’re having a break at your local coffee shop when an attractive stranger sits down near you. Do you immediately smile and say hello or do you sit there wondering whether or not you should open your mouth?

-Are you one of those people with a long list of missed opportunities in life because you usually talk yourself out of even trying?

Good Confront Leads to Action Which Builds Momentum

Get into the habit of asking yourself about your “confront” every time you’re faced with a problem or opportunity. People with good confront build momentum in their lives because they take action instead of dawdling or being indecisive. Here’s an insight shared by Dan Kennedy on the importance of taking action.

For three years, I followed General Schwarzkopf on seminar events, heard his speech so many times I memorized it without trying, and spent a lot of time in green rooms talking with him. One of the things that sticks in my mind is his contention that a bad decision or wrong decision is better than no decision, because if the decision leads to action, it is easier to correct the course of someone or something already in motion than it is to get someone or something into motion from inertia.

If you want to get anywhere in your life, you need to pull your train out of the station and get it rolling down the track. The first step is to have good confront in life.

Momentum is really a leader’s best friend. Sometimes it’s the only difference between winning and losing.

– John Maxwell

When you’re that successful, things have a momentum, and at a certain point you can’t really tell whether you have created the momentum or it’s creating you.

– Annie Lennox, Eurythmics


7 Responses to How’s Your Confront?

  • Becoming a Tycoon is an awesome process, the business side of things gets very exciting BUT, the mental portion is just as important. If you’re not “there” mentally, it’s a done deal, nothing will happen.

    Good Confront is all about being ready mentally……….for whatever.

    Great post.

  • I know a lot of people with this problem. Nothing ever happens in their lives because they can’t decide or make a commitment. My ex husband was like this. After graduating from college there were big expectations for him but he preferred a night watchman’s job and sleeping all day to climbing the corporate ladder. He just couldn’t handle stress.

  • Usually, the worse thing to do is….nothing. If you do nothing different, you cannot change, you cannot change your circumstance, you cannot succeed, you cannot make a new life for yourself and your family, you cannot truly be happy. Doing nothing is truly not a good choice, but it is a choice. Life is composed of choices. What will you do?

  • You forgot to mention that gyms are a dime a dozen racket. They make their money by selling memberships to people who will workout for a month. They then make it next to impossible to cancel the membership.

  • These are interesting: “a bad decision or wrong decision is better than no decision, because if the decision leads to ACTION, it is easier to CORRECT the course of someone or something already in motion” and “People with good confront build momentum in their lives because they take ACTION instead of dawdling or being indecisive”. Thanks Peter!

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