Marcus Lemonis announces new CNBC show ‘The Partner’

Marcus Lemonis is looking for someone he can train and groom as his new business partner. Could that be you?

marcusTo find the right person he has borrowed an idea from Lord Sugar who hosts the UK version of The Apprentice. In the UK Apprentice Lord Sugar doesn’t hire the winner as an employee but rather takes them on as a partner. Specifically, he invests 250K pounds in the winner’s startup.  Marcus’s offer will be a bit different.

Lemonis will select six to eight contestants for a six-week television program. When the series ends, he’ll pick one of them to be his new partner and protégé.

“This is an application to apply for the chance to be a partner in every business you have seen as part of ‘The Profit’ and even some other ones. … It will be for a three-year employment contract for $150,000 a year and 1 percent of the total equity of Marcus Lemonis LLC.”

Marcus has equity in about 100 companies.

So this is your big chance, Marcus Lemonis fans!

If you’re a Tycoon Playbook grad, this is right up your alley!

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5 Responses to How to Be the Next Marcus Lemonis

  • Lord Sugar hired the winners for the first few seasons. Then he switched to partnering with them. To won you not only have to do well as a contestant but you also have to have a credible business idea worth Sugar investing his 250,000 into.

  • This is awesome! What do you think he’ll be looking for? I’m saving up for the Playbook but will think about applying for the show.

  • Mr. Ireland, how does your course compare or contrast with Mr. Lemonis’s approach? Can it teach me exactly how to do what he does?

    • Great question. Since Marcus is a tycoon he doesn’t have to scramble to find money for his deals. Rather he just pulls out his check book. The Tycoon Playbook is for those who have to come up with the cash first. As a result about a third of it is focused on how to raise the required cash.

      In addition while Marcus is typically happy to acquire a 20% to 51% stake in the company, the Tycoon Playbook method is to acquire 100% control.

      The Playbook also doesn’t use the 3Ps methodology for fixing a company.

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