Billionaire James Ratcliffe: Becoming The UK’s Richest Man and Advice On Entrepreneurship

An interview and Q&A with billionaire and founder of INOES, Sir James Ratcliffe. In this interview, James discusses becoming the UK’s richest man and founding INOES. James also talks about leadership, his career and advice of acquisitions.

Video Segments:

0:00 Introduction

3:15 Did you have a clear view about what you were going to do?

6:10 Success coming late in your career?

7:00 What lead to you becoming an entrepreneur?

10:06 Did you realise this was a life changing event?

11:20 Growth strategy?

14:46 What changed about your style of management?

18:53 Is this your model?

19:54 How did you feel the during the 2008 crash?

26:26 Roles of businesses in society?

28:09 Leadership advice you value?

34:55 Start of Q&A

35:00 Getting the attention of venture capitalist?

36:03 How did you make acquisitions successful?

38:35 How did you find out you were onto something big?

40:11 Private vs Public company?

44:42 Do you try to change refinery systems?

47:27 Routines and habits that helped you become successful?

48:52 Does the structure of your company dictate whether you will go public?

52:40 How do you manage new people?

54:20 Best practice to motivate employees of acquired companies?

56:03 Anything you would have done differently?

1:03:25 Reducing capacity?

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