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Marcus knocks another one out of the ballpark in the season finale with the Key West Key Lime Pie Company.

If we don’t make it, we don’t sell it. – Marcus Lemonis

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The Key West Key Lime Pie Company (KLPC) is located in Key West, Florida and is owned 50/50 by Jim Brush and Alison Sloat. The couple bought the business for $1200 ten years ago. As you have no doubt guessed, the company sells key lime pies. It had sales of $1.4 million last year but no profits before Marcus showed up. It also had $130K in debt.

Let’s do a quick Marcus Lemonis review of the business using his 3 Ps methodology.

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The second season ended with another strong episode about Marcus’s turnaround of the Key West Key Lime Pie Company in Key West, Florida. Last weekend the new site built by Marcus sold 22K pies. Here’s the website.

The turnaround is reminiscent of Amazing Grape. Similar problems; similar solution.

I’ll write about it some more by week’s end.

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