Aristotle Onassis the Oil Tanker Tycoon

With few exceptions most of today’s Western billionaires aren’t the swashbuckling adventurers they once were.  Most of the current crop are pretty nerdy geeks. It wasn’t always so. Back in the 1960s and and 70s, Aristotle Onassis was one of the most famous tycoons alive. He was as well known back then as Bill Gates or Warren Buffett are today. Marrying widow Jackie Kennedy fueled the controversy that followed him every where he went without let up. Onassis was a Greek who grew up in Turkey and built a huge fortune in the shipping industry after starting with next to nothing.

If you are interested in what separates tycoons and billionaires from the merely successful, invest the time to watch this one-hour program about his life.

Here’s the first part of six.

The Rise and Fall of Aristotle Onassis

10 Responses to Tycoon Profiles: Aristotle Onassis

  • I found this very inspirational. My next step is to start reading biographies.

  • I have admired AO for a very long time

    I play the videos above a lot in the morning as i get ready for work

    Im not saying AO was a saint but he has to be admired by any person who is set on sucsess

    You become what you think you are

    Thanks for posting


  • Enjoyable video.

    Must say as per Hindi law of Karma, the man got what we sowed. I have seen another super wealthy family where the brothers have bickered to no end. This is the outcome of a poor moral foundation and ill gotten gains.

    Loosing your children is not worth all the money in the world. Perhaps they are your singular greatest investment.

  • I really don’t understand your point. Everybody dies at some point. Moreover, what did he do that was so terrible? I’m not into magical thinking so your point eludes me.

  • I think he is saying that god killed his son at 25 and daughter at 33 to punish Ari. Christina died 13 years after Ari did so it’s a posthumous punishment. Makes sense.

  • Wayne has understood correctly. His kids died before his death.

    BTW I am not into “magical thinking’. Several people do however speak of this ‘karma’ business regardless of their religion/ beliefs.

    Regarding “what he did that so terrible”, I think the narrator of the program / British media thought poorly of him at the time, as per this video.

  • It says above that Christina died 13 years after Ari’s death.

  • Apologies on that bit. May she did. My point is his legacy was some what shortened. That is all.

  • The videos aren’t working. Where else can I watch them?

  • Try this one.

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