Sean Parker: Agent Of Disruption

I have had a chance to do anything more than scan this article from Forbes by it looks to be a great read if you are into tycoon strategies. Tycoons tend to be disruptors as I show in the Tycoon Playbook. To be a disruptor you need to have the courage to take on vested interests and the powerful. You’re going to make some enemies. Sean has certainly made some enemies along the way most notably in the music industry but he’s also worth $2.1 billion today.  That’s a good trade off in my book.

“He can see things most people won’t be able to see for a year or two,” says Palihapitiya. As Shervin Pishevar of Menlo Ventures describes it: “Parker has access to trends and signals that are invisible to many people. For him it’s like hearing a dog whistle.” Parker doesn’t disagree: “I find a lot of things relevant that aren’t necessarily relevant to the world when I’m thinking about them.”

Parker is drawn to big, universal problems and spends years looking for them. “Most of us kind of agree on the thrust of history. The key is to understand how we get there,” says the young billionaire as he rolls his desk chair closer to me in the office of his recently purchased $20 million Manhattan town house. “The transition strategies are more important than understanding what the outcome state will be.”

By focusing on problem selection, rather than rushing out an innovation no one wants like so many trigger-happy entrepreneurs, Parker put himself in position for the string of blockbusters that his critics blithely attribute to sequential luck.

Here is the Forbes  piece Sean Parker: Agent Of Disruption.

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