Entrepreneurial advice from tycoon Sean Parker.

Here’s another talk by Sean Parker on how he launched one of the great disruptive technologies of the Internet age: Napster.

One Response to Growth Strategies: Sean Parker (Again)

  • Sounds like the world will constantly be searching for better more efficient methods of organizing and filtering information and surfacing the most valuable content/products/software in every niche imaginable.

    Essentially there will need to be Google’s (read: information organizers) for every conceivable niche to make it easy for consumers to add the most value to their lives while easily filtering past the crap (ie Google is to web content as ‘X’ is to ‘insert niche here’).

    We already see this with extremely successful companies like Yelp which is an information organizer for local businesses or Pandora which is an information organizer for music or Reddit which is an information organizer for news. These three now massive companies which have sprang up in the past half a decade or so all organize information while factoring in people’s feedback and have created engaging and interesting communities for users.

    This would make crowd-sourcing an incredibly important tool of any business model as a centralized company simply can’t buy or develop enough resources to keep up with the demand for the most valuable content. Even Google, the best information organizer in the world, has added a crowd-sourcing element to help bring people the most valuable websites possible, the +1 feature, that was simply impossible for their algorithms to account for.

    I believe there is a significant business opportunity in every market or industry where information is 1. Not organized in a way to take all information into account and effectively sort out the most valuable resources and 2. Not optimized with user feedback.

    The companies that figure out how to organize information better than anyone else will be some of the biggest most successful companies of this generation. Google, Facebook and Amazon are three companies leading this charge with smaller companies like Pandora, Yelp and Twitter following in their footsteps.

    If you’re looking to startup a company, you may want to consider getting into information organization.

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