Michael and Steven Roberts

Here’s a short CNN clip on two African-American brothers who have used the Tycoon Playbook approach to building a billion dollar empire. They are the Roberts brothers of St. Louis, Michael and Steven.

2 Responses to Two Brothers Rise from Rags to Tycoon Status

  • that is incredible……hardwork never killed anybody, its laziness that does.

  • Thanks for featuring the Roberts Brothers. I’ve been following them for years. Being African American myself, “we” don’t get a lot of coverage when it comes to TYCOON level business success. I get tired of seeing NBA players as the face of African American success.

    I could name plenty of African Americans that are ultra successful business people.

    The late great Reginald F. Lewis, he left a life long impression on me.
    Someone needs to take Mr. Lewis’ place, I’ve decided it should be me.

    PS- Although I did read and buy the TPB, I’ll be working with Gordon also.

    Talk to you soon Peter……….

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