The Tycoon Playbook

The Tycoon Playbook is dedicated to all buccaneers, tycoons, empire-builders, and deal-makers past, present, and future.   – Peter Ireland

If you believe yourself to be a serious candidate for real business success, here is a video I’d like you to watch.

Are You Made of the Right Stuff?

If you have sat on the fence for weeks, months, or even a year or more now trying to decide if you should enroll in the three-month long Tycoon Playbook course, I will provide some further clarification to help you decide. When I was creating the Playbook I knew that it wasn’t for everyone. This is why some parts of this site come across as if they are attempting to scare people off from enrolling. That’s intentional on my part. People who take themselves out of the game before even starting are not going to get any benefit from the course or anything else in life. That’s at least 90% of the population. The Playbook was created for the remaining 10%.

A man who believes he will die in battle the next day will most certainly find a way to.   – Lao Tzu

Who Succeeds & Who Fails?

Here’s some wisdom from the late psychologist Andrew Salter on the types of people who succeed in life. When he refers to “excitation” he is talking about assertiveness:

The basis of life is excitation. The creatures that survive in the jungle are those that slink and jump and kill. The polite and inhibited ones crouch behind a tree and are soon dead. The human species could never have survived if it were inhibited.

There’s an important lesson here for you.  Are you one of the aspiring who jumps on new opportunities or someone who will slink away? Take a moment to think about yourself.

Every day a gazelle wakes up and knows it must outrun the fastest cheetah in order to live. Every day a cheetah wakes up and knows it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will not survive. It doesn’t matter if you’re a gazelle
or a cheetah, when you wake up you better start running! – Anon

The Playbook was designed to help you run faster.

Where Do the Successful Find Success?

Successful people are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed in life. The rest always have excuses.

Where You Find Success.

The Success Zone

The Video

Now here’s the video you should watch if you are trying to decide if you have what it takes to benefit from the Playbook. It’s the episode on the early days of Napoleon Bonaparte from the BBC series Heroes & Villains. Out of the eight episodes, this is by far the best and most relevant for prospective tycoons. The program focuses on how a young lieutenant of middle-class background seized a series of opportunities to advance his career and place himself on a trajectory that would eventually make him Emperor of France and one of the Top 5 greatest military leaders in all history.

Pay close attention to his various acts of insubordination along the way as he exploits every opportunity to advance himself and his family.  While insubordination may be taboo in an organized military, it’s not so when you find yourself in desperate times serving under incompetent leaders as the young Napoleon did. All that matters in the end is victory and not whether some mediocre generals had their feathers ruffled. If you want to succeed in a major way you are going to have to accept that a few enemies will be made along the way.

[This brilliant one hour episode is worth chasing down. You can probably rent it from Netflix. Watch it. Too bad YT keeps taking it down.]

There are three methods for becoming successful:
– Through trial and error (takes too long)
– Over time (time runs out eventually)
– Copying successful people (the fastest strategy)

Whether you ever enroll or not I hope that you watch the video as it reveals how the truly successful never miss an opportunity to climb another rung on the ladder of success. Watch the other seven as well. The one on Cortes is also very good.

Here are a couple of great quotes to close with:

You don’t know what’s possible unless you study history. –    Sebastian Marshall

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