The Tycoon Playbook

The Tycoon Playbook has joined forced with the prestigious Lugen Family Office to promote the Playbook course to the latter’s high net worth clientele base.

About Lugen Family Office Inc.

Lugen Family Office Inc. (“LFO”) is a company specializing in empowering intergenerational family stories for affluent business families around the world. As a client of Lugen Family Office, you will have access to LFO’s strategic network of global experts to help guide you through each step of our proprietary Seven Generation Legacy Process.

LFO’s core operations include:

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Small Business vs Entrepreneurship vs Capitalism

If you are trying to get a handle on The Tycoon Playbook as some still are, I think this may help.

Think of the business world as having three separate rungs. At the bottom you have the small business rung. The consensus definition of small business is that it’s primarily about having a steady pay-check for oneself with a little extra left over, hopefully, for the Golden Years. As a result, typical small business owners are concerned with playing it safe, taking as few risks as possible, and basically maintaining the status quo. Once a small business owner has reached a certain level of income their focus shifts to merely maintaining it rather than increasing it. Many small businesses can be found along the proverbial “Main Street.”

On the next rung up is entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is an entirely different game. It’s about marshaling resources and taking calculated risks to create something new that will hopefully reward the founders with substantial wealth. Entrepreneurship has no allegiance to the status quo. Rather it’s about starting from scratch and disrupting the marketplace. Most entrepreneurial ventures will be found in emerging industries and fast growth markets.

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