Just a quick heads up as I rush out the door for a meeting.

Forbes has a brief article titled Late-Blooming Billionaires

“Some strike it rich young, but for the tycoons on this list, wealth came only after long years of work, failure and chance inspiration.”

Read it here: Late Blooming Billionaires

2 Responses to Late Blooming Billionaires

  • Best Article on the blog( okay, I won’t go that far) but nevertheless, it’s music to my ears. With all of the noise about the young hot shots in the tech industry, it’s easy to lose a sense of realism. Everyone and their mother wants to be the next: I dropped out of college and now I’m building the next Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc….

    I was born in the 70’s therefore I’m of the “old school” tycoons from the “LBO 80’s”. That era lights my fire.

    As a 38/yo getting on the tycoon path, it’s nice to see guys that got started “late in life”. One of my favorites is Forrest Lucas, founder of Lucas Oil. He started L.O. at age 46/47. Although not a Billionaire, he’s in the $100 million plus net worth category. That works for me.

  • Peter,

    I’ve read the article at least 10 times. I love it so much, I had to post another comment. There is one forum online in which I visit from time to time and just based on the “conversation” you cam tell most of the members are very young guys. All of the want $100 million before they’re 25y/o. Unfortunately MOST of them probably will never have 1% of that amount. It’s sort of unfortunate as to the way they have been totally swayed by the media and a few major success stories.

    What they don’t know is very few of the tech companies that VC firms invest in(those that are lucky enough to catch their attention) are a success. I think the numbers are 7 out of 10 flop, 2 break even and one is a success. I don’t like those odds, ASSUMING, I get funded.

    Everyone wants to be Zuckerberg. He’s about to be put to the test. Can he run a public/growth company? I don’t think he can.

    Thanks again.

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