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The Tycoon Playbook: Advanced Growth Strategies

Here’s how the Tycoon Playbook strategy works. This is the most widely used path to wealth accumulation in history.

5 Responses to Growth Strategies for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

  • I was just reading a article about cisco systems. It stated they C.S. acquired 5-6 companies a year since it’s inception. That’s pretty amazing. I’m not a tech guy but rolling companies is rolling companies.

  • They don’t teach you this in b-school for some reason. Back in 2005 I earned an MBA from a Top 25 program but have never thought of business this way. It’s something to ponder. How much is there in the playbook on doing these types of deals where you sell off a portfolio to a big corporation? A lot? A liitle?

    • Paul,

      Peter will probably give a better answer as I bought the Playbook but I don’t want to “tell all”. I will say, you’ll have your hands full. You cannot get any better than this.

      The Playbook is best if you already have a going concern, having said that, if you don’t have a business. Try to buy a small business so you can get in the game. I had to get real is this regard. IF you start with buying a $2million company, and build up, I think you’re chances of success are great.

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