Carlos Slim: The Richest Man in the World/The Authorized Biography [Hardcover] by Jose’ Martinez

Well, it looks like the long-awaited Carlos Slim biography has been pushed back yet again. Now it’s scheduled for May. It was supposed to come out in early April. Before that it was supposed to come out in March, before that in February, and before that in January.

I have done some digging into the book and the findings are not encouraging. Apparently this is not a new book for the English-speaking market but merely the translation of a Spanish language biography that was published a few years ago. It’s also apparently little more than a public relations piece for Carlos Slim.

For those of us interested in learning how he wheeled & dealed his way to richest man in the world, there will be more waiting. It will most likely be years before a credible biography comes out.

As soon as I saw this cover last year, I had a sneaking suspicion that the book was going to be a dud.

Carlos Slim

A badly-shopped Carlos Slim tap dancing or skipping.

One Response to The New Carlos Slim Biography

  • I believe you are right, I have read the Spanish version of Carlos Slim authorized biography and it reads like a fairy tale. I wonder if anyone would dare write an unauthorized biography, there is too much at stake!

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