Robert Frank used to be the wealth reporter for the WSJ before jumping ship to CNBC. Five or six years ago he published a book on the newly rich in America called Richistan which is a fun read. Its chapters consist of profiles of a few fresh tycoons, c. 2006, as well as a look  at the pros and cons of being rich.

Today Frank wrote a brief piece titled “Are Billionaires Just Smarter Than Everyone Else?” for CNBC.

The comments section led to another longer article on the same topic titled “Of Brainiacs and Billionaires” from Psychology Today.

We’re obsessed with America’s high earners. But in the age of big data, the biggest brains will increasingly set the country’s course and become top earners in the process. Meet the other 1 Percent.

I haven’t read this second one yet but it looks interesting.

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