The rules are there are no rules. - Aristotle Onassis

In the first season of Fargo there's a memorable scene where Billy Bob Thornton's character reveals to Martin Freeman's perpetually downtrodden one a big secret of life. "Your problem is you spent your whole life thinking there are rules. There aren't," he explains. Martin's naive character is stunned by the revelation. Most of us probably began to realize that there is at least some truth to this claim as far back as high school, if not sooner. Once we entered the real world we witnessed time after time how many people pull ahead of the crowd by simply ignoring the rules the rest cling to.

If your business is underperforming it maybe due to a strict adherence to irrelevant rules.

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The rich are different than you and me. - F Scott Fitzgerald

There's a brilliant scene in the first season of HBO's Silicon Valley where the shy oddball Peter Gregory demonstrates how billionaires can quickly tie the dots together to make millions. In the scene Peter is being chased by two desperate executives from one of his portfolio companies for an emergency loan to cover payroll.  To their consternation Peter is seemingly distracted by curiosity over Burger King and hilarity ensues as the two men are driven to panic. However, it all ends well for everyone as you will see in the clip.

I imagine billionaires such as Bill Gates and Elon Musk have a similar talent and thought process for spotting profit opportunities.

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Are you a procrastinator? A fence sitter? Are you delaying taking action until you are absolutely certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that it's the right thing to do? If you have this lethal problem, read this, and then think about it.

A former Delta Force officer says the elite military unit taught him that you only need to be 70% certain before you act — here's why.

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