A Most Violent Year

When it feels scary to jump, that is exactly when you jump. Otherwise you end up staying in the same place your entire life … and that I can’t do.

– Abe Morales

As I have bemoaned before good business movies are almost as scarce as hen’s teeth. Now we finally get another good one for our list of Top 10 Business Movies, A Most Violent Year. This is a real gem. In it Oscar Issac plays Abel Morales an honest business man and budding tycoon building a home heating oil delivery empire in New York City.

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The Profit’s Progress Report After Two Seasons

Some people might not do a progress report in the hopes that we don’t remember their failures. Not Marcus. He’s equally open about both failures and successes. As a result this turned out to be an enjoyable episode to watch especially because I got too see how some of my favorites were doing a year after The Lemonis Intervention. Hopefully at some point next year he will do a progress report on the businesses in the most recent episode such as Shuler’s B-B-Q, Coopersburg Sports, Simple Greek, Artistic Stitch, and Courage-b.

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