Marcus and the ASL Sign Company

This was a total dud of an episode, in my humble opinion, due to the lack of any business lessons. It feels as if they remembered just last weekend that there was one more Tuesday night episode to do and used scenes from the cutting room floor. I can’t think of any other reason for airing something so incomplete and devoid of content.

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Marcus Lemonis and Shuler’s Bar-B-Que

In this final episode of season 2, our man Marcus drives down to Latta, SC to help a mom & pop ribs joint expand.


Shuler’s Bar-B-Que is owned by married couple Lynn and Norton Hughes and their young son Shuler. The name comes from Norton’s father. The establishment was opened in 1996 and is now so famous for its ribs and chicken that people drive 50 to 100 miles just to eat there. It’s typically packed with patrons on the three days per week that it’s open. There’s also a catering department which gets mentioned only in passing.

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Marcus Lemonis Develops a Business Growth Strategy for Coopersburg Sports

This is another drama-mama free episode which offers a good look at a stalled out small business. Unfortunately it felt rushed and would have benefited from a delay in airing so that we could see the actual results of Marcus’s growth strategy. However, with the season coming to an end shortly it had to be aired this week. (Was this the season finale?)


The company is a manufacturer of wooden sports novelty products. It’s located in Coopersburg, PA which is Amish country. Scott the owner inherited the company in 1991 from his father and shortly after secured the rights to produce mini-baseball bats for MLB teams. Before that the company had been in a sunset industry manufacturing wooden handles for tools. The bats have been the bread and butter line for the company ever since. Revenues peaked at $4.38 million in 2008 when a major player, Louiseville Slugger, stepped into the market and cut Coopersburg’s sales in half.

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The Uber Wars

Have you been following the Uber story? If you haven’t you should be if you consider yourself a student of business. Uber epitomizes the philosophy of “It’s better to just do it and apologize later than wait for permission.”

The CEO of this company is either a train wreck in the making or a genius. Only time will tell.

For now the company continues to move along a razor’s edge.

Either way this story will make for a great case study someday and perhaps even a movie along the lines of The Wolf of Wall Street.

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