Success Kid

Success Kid

There’s a lot of advice out there, both online and offline, about how to succeed in life and get rich.  Most of it is regurgitated material we have seen or heard countless times. However, every now and then something truly fresh and insightful is published. This is one such piece.

If you read only one article in 2016 on success, let it be this one.

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Marcus Hopes to Invest in FarmGirl Flowers and Implement a Growth Strategy

FarmGirl Flowers was launched in 2010 by Christina Stembel. The company is located in San Francisco which contributes to a fatal mindset problem. To put it bluntly, Christina has a grossly over-inflated idea of what her business is really worth because of her proximity to Silicon Valley with its absurdly high valuations for tech companies. Unfortunately for Christina, an old school flower shop is going to have to settle for a much more modest valuation. As a result, it’s seemingly next to impossible to reason with her about an investment. Every time she doesn’t get the response she wants she gets teary-eyed and pulls out the victim card.

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Now you can have all your questions answered up front.

If you have a genuinely serious interest in discovering how to grow your business with deal-making and acquisitions, but have some questions first, we can arrange to have a 30 minute telephone or Skype chat. The sheer volume of questions has forced me to start charging for my time. I will answer everything truthfully and accurately because I only want people who have the potential to do well to sign up. Here’s the great thing about this. If you enroll within 24 hours of our talk, the price of the talk will be credited towards your enrollment fee.

We can also cover any business buying problems you may have such as financing or negotiating.

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Marcus Lemonis Gets Snookered by 240Sweet

240Sweet is a maker of marshmallows launched in 2008 just outside of Indiannapolis, Indiana. The owners are Alexa Lemley and Samantha Aulick, a married couple.

Frankly speaking, I don’t know where to begin with this episode. This could well be the most unpleasant episode of the past three years. If not, it certainly ties with Maarse Florists, LA Dog Works, Skullduggery, and WorldTrailers for the worst of the worst.

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Your First 100 Million

I am ready to build something great. Where do I start? Right here.

Your First Million

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