Marcus develops a growth strategy for Goth candle-maker Wick’ed.


The Burbank-based company was launched five years ago by spouses Mark and Sam(antha) Biren who own it 50/50.  The company has never made a profit.


Marcus is met with resistance when he informs Mark and Sam that despite the company being five years old it’s still a startup due to its weak financial position.  Sales have been declining, it’s losing money, it owes money to a credit card company and an investor, and there’s no working capital. Sam’s day job is the only thing keeping them afloat.

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Marcus develops a growth strategy for a chain of blue jean retailers.

It’s nice to see Marcus on the best coast for a change. This was an odd episode which I attribute to the editing team leaving important scenes on the cutting room floor.


The owner of Blues Jean Bar, Lady Fuller (“Lady” is her actual first name), founded the chain of blue jean stores. At one point there were thirteen stores stretching from the Bay Area to Boston but a lack of profitability forced her to shutter ten of them. Now only three remain in San Francisco, Dallas, and Chicago.

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