Stein Meats

Donna Johnson Sues Stein Meats

You hate to see this kind of thing happen.

The deal between Marcus and Stein Meats fell through. Frankly speaking I am not surprised as the company had dug too deep a hole for itself. Apparently the boys weren’t too forthcoming with Marcus in terms of promised cooperation.

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Warning: Spoilers ahead. Watch first.

A. Stein Meat Products

Most tycoons develop a business growth strategy for a particular industry and then stick to it. Not our hero Marcus Lemonis. Cars, cleaning products, popcorn, flowers, dog kennels, etc. he’s open to them all. The reason for this is that Marcus has developed expertise that’s transferable across industries. Specifically, he has a solid grasp of both finance and marketing. He knows enough about finance to be able to figure out the appropriate financial fix for a business. (If he needs to, he brings in a specialist as we have seen at least a couple of times now.) He also understand the basics of developing national brands. (Once again, he brings in¬†specialists to design the logos and other details that constitute a brand.) If you watch a similar show called Hotel Impossible you will see the expert also relying on specialists to handle the details. No one needs to be an expert at everything. You just need to be able to pull together the right team in most cases. In some ways these guys are like a really good concierge in that they put you in touch with the right specialists.

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