Europe’s Best Copycatters: The Samwer Brothers, ja!

The Samwer Brothers are the European champions of borrowing other people’s ideas and executing them more successfully.  They are  especially “notorious for aggressively cloning American sites and launching them in Europe.”

 “There are pioneering entrepreneurs and execution entrepreneurs, and maybe we belong more to the execution entrepreneurs,” says Oliver, who speaks at a rapid clip, frequently punctuating thoughts with a rhetorical “ja?”

“I think the most admirable entrepreneurs are those with original ideas, ja? It’s a unique gift that you either have or you don’t. Just as we might have a very good gift of execution, others have a unique gift for the purest form of innovation.” (Source)

It’s hard to be great at both.  Accept that if you are not a Steve Jobs-type genius you can still follow be the tycoon type who improves on the execution part, creates a systems,  and then leverages that system to its fullest potential.

Good execution beats good innovation every time … and vice versa.

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