Donna Johnson Sues Stein Meats

You hate to see this kind of thing happen.

The deal between Marcus and Stein Meats fell through. Frankly speaking I am not surprised as the company had dug too deep a hole for itself. Apparently the boys weren’t too forthcoming with Marcus in terms of promised cooperation.

Earlier this year Lemonis filed a breach of contract suit against A. Stein for failing to sell him their Brooklyn Burger brand. The meat company did not respond to a request for comment. (source)

However, now it appears that the owners took out their frustrations over the failed deal on the heroine of the story Donna Johnson. Donna was the woman that came up with the idea of calling in Marcus to try to save the company. Going by that episode Donna was the smartest person at the Stein Meats.

An ex-office manager at A. Stein Meat Products has filed a $3 million discrimination and defamation lawsuit claiming her bosses made mincemeat out of her after the reality show’s turnaround guru Marcus Lemonis withdrew his offer to buy half of the company.

Johnson also claims she was paid less than male colleagues at the company. “They (A. Stein) had an opportunity to resurrect their business and when the deal went south, she became the fall woman,” lawyer Walker Harman told The Daily News.


I hope she wins but even if she does she may never see a dollar due to that state of the company.

Donna Johnson, hero

Donna Johnson, hero


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11 Responses to The Profit: Marcus Lemonis and Stein Meat Products Update

  • Meatheads. The two dimwits who won that company are nothing but meatheads. Lets hope she wins and finds a way to squeeze some money of them.

  • From watching this show I have begun to question just how smart Marcus really is. While he seems to know branding, he structures a lot of deals in a dumb way that will create problems down the road. With Stein he offered a few hundred thou for a 50/50 split. Anyone in business knows that a 50/50 split is a recipe for disaster.

    • He’s worth 2 BILLION how much ru worth lol don’t really need to know.

    • You do realize that his 50/50 split gives him majority as the other half is split between the other two owners. So more like 50/25/25

    • Marcus offered One Million for a 50/50 split. Watch the show before you comment.

    • He has manged to make CAMPING WORLD and GOOD SAMS CLUB the biggest and best in the COUNTRY! The man is no dummy! He HELPS folks and when those folks are HONEST it is GREAT WIN FOR EVERYONE! When they are CROOKED LIARS — the fun begins as it should!

  • Donna, you go girl! Those dumb palookas would have been bankrupt long ago without you there to run the company for them!

  • Mr. Ireland, how does you course work with Mr. Lemonis. Does it show one how to be another Marcus Lemonis? Does it teach his precise strategies? I am considering enrolling.

  • How did A.Stein last as long as they did? Those companies knew they had it made. Mr.Lemonis almost fell out the chair, when Mrs.D. Johnson said 3,000000 was not paid.

  • How much dough do you think these two “gentlemen” have rat-holed away? I would bet they have a LOT to fall back on; people like them usually DO! It seems unlikely to me that they are BROKE! Why else would they allow OVER $ MILLION to accumulate in ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE? It’s IDIOTIC AT BEST! The stench in the air says these “gents” are full of fecal matter AND that their DADS are sitting in heaven REALLY TICKED OFF!

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